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Obesity, A Man Happy After Stabbed 38 Times

"If I was skinny, would have been dead."

What if Danny Ross is not a fat man? Maybe fate is like today. 44-year-old Danny had horrendous news because survived established after being stabbed 38 times, just because of obesity.

The story begins when a man named Johnson David indicated crazy, strangled with a belt and then Danny's body was stabbed repeatedly.

As a result of his injuries, Danny needed 70 stitches along the knife puncture wounds. When taken to the hospital, the Exeter, Devon, Danny in a state of unconsciousness. But his name can be saved as soon get help. Lucky when he started to run out of blood, a man was in her house immediately contact the hospital.

At the time, Danny was watching television and then Johnson suddenly appeared and accused him of stealing money.

"After I saw the photos on the police cuts, I do not believe it. If I were thin, would have been dead," said Danny.

"The medical officer said, because my weight so that my life could still be saved," he added.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators were soon arrested by the police and the court sentenced to 22 years in prison on the charge of attempted murder.

Although nearly killed him, but Danny wisely hope, if the perpetrator stabbing of diriny get psychological treatment.


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