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Kristen Stewart apologized to the public over the issue himself Scandal

After vulgar Kristen Stewart won with director Rupert Sanders married swath appears, the actress issued a public apology to Robert Pattinson yesterday in which he labeled the fact the affair a "momentary affair". 
However, he did not mention Liberty Ross because he cracked his family. Stewart first issued his first statement to People saying:
I am very sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I have caused them close to me and everyone has been affected. This affair has harmed moment the most important thing in my life, people I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry. 'Not long after that, Sanders also apologized via People says:

I'm really confused about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and kids heavenly everything I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I pray that we can get through this together. '

Kristen Stewart apologizes for cheating scandals on Robert Pattinson.As mentioned, Rupert married to British actress Liberty Ross (who played Stewart's mother in the plot) and the couple has two children. Ross did not speak publicly about the "affair," but he deleted his Twitter account after hearing about the allegations that he and Stewart had an affair.

Feeling betrayed R-Patz has not commented. Sources close to the actor said that he was too devastated to formulate an answer yet.Meanwhile, despite being snapped in a series of pics that make her romance with married director clearly, Kristen Stewart are sure that Robert Pattinson will forgive him. His friends say that Christians believe Robert so in love with him and he would be able to win her back! OMG! Is she a bad girl! So, one of his close friends told Radar Online:

  Christian was someone pulling out all the stops with Rob, really apologize and try to make things right with him, but he was very confident that he will win the trust back. 'Jeez, why do famous people convinced that they are illegal and immoral achieve will never be revealed? They are not only selfish, but also very stupid. One good thing about it - R-Patz can walk away easily if he chooses, and be thankful that he found before he got married.

Celebrity Gossip | Kate Upton: I'm not fat and Piggie

2012 was a successful year for Kate Upton 20-year-old model, he has been a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl, got the cover of GQ, and he participated in many modeling projects. But the girl with the controversial figure also get a lot of criticism! The latest comes from Skinny Gossip sites are labeled Upton piggie, greasy, slippery brick, marble and good pregnant! Site anonymous author says:

Guess who?! Yes, it's Kate Upton beautiful, confident lumbering up the runway as there is a buffet at the end of it. She looks thick, vulgar, almost pornographic - and he was a solid 30 pounds too heavy for this dress. "Kate Upton hits back at 'fat' comments.The author continues to inflame Kate:

Big thighs, waist NO, big fat floppy boobs, body definition was awful - she looks like a brick slippery. Is this what American women were "fighting" for the time being? The, lazy look greasy? Do we really get so much fat in this country that Kate is the best we have for these rtujuan? Sorry, but: That is the reality "

Hm ... I agree with most skinny girl - author. But I was disappointed by his performance was mostly junk and cheap, OMG, in every single pic! In addition, the personality and actions were rude and that makes even the most beautiful women ugly. I'm going to sound like Anna Wintour about Kimmy Cakes - Kate does look a little down market.Furthermore, commenting on the sexy Kate burger commercial, the authors say:

I think cannibalism was illegal?!? If that is not a species that is very different from the cow, she could be in legal trouble! 'And this is her response:

 I'm not going to starve just to be skinny. I want to enjoy life and I can not if I do not eat and miserable. 'A spokesman for the model said:
 This makes no sense. Kate is gorgeous and very healthy. 'What do you think? Kate Upton is really fat? Or whether he was a teenager happy with her body - and that's cool?

Celebrity- Gossip | Tallulah Willis in 'nude photo scandals'

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughter Tallulah is involved in a nude photo scandal. Alleged naked pictures of teenagers who are shopping covered a variety of media, including reports Radar Online. Pictures said to show that Tallulah naked and hamming it for the camera while smoking. Last year, the then 17-year-Tallulah cited for underage drinking while out in Hollywood. If the image is from Tallulah, she will become the latest in a long line of female celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba will be stuck in a nude picture scandal.
Tallulah Willis could be caught in nude photo scandal.

Sister Scout Tallulah, 20, was arrested last month for drinking alcohol under the legal age of 21 in New York City. In 1997, the oldest of the girls, Rumer was one of four people in a hotel room in Aberdeen, Maryland in the United States when the police came and arrested one of the group for marijuana possession. Rumer was questioned at the scene but was not arrested and never charged in connection with a controversial incident.
Tallulah Demi's mother spent some time in rehab earlier this year to fatigue and an eating disorder after her split from estranged husband Ashton Kutcher. Tallulah recently told Demi Style Like U what it taught him about style body with Tallulah.
     My mom was like, 'Love your body, love yourself like, run around naked. Whatever we want to do, it is acceptable..

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders Romance Is Fake Degrees To End Her Relationship With Robert-Pattinzon?

There is a photo that captures reveals Kristen Stewart is locked in a series of meetings with director Rupert Sanders steamy married. Is it just me or does it look really staged? You know what? I would not be surprised if Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart relationship is fake, Rupert and his wife agreed to this staged "scandals" to end the relationship with Stewart Pattison fake, and they all do it just to generate publicity for all of their upcoming movie ... It is known that the managers cook fake relationship, breakup, marriage, etc. all for the publicity because of - the public loved it.Rupert Sanders wrap hugging and nuzzles her neck on a stop-off in Los Angeles on July 17 (above). Then Stewart Sanders kiss as they sat in the car for the same afternoon. Woowww!
 Something does not seem right, it's almost as if it was staged! I just do not believe they would so impact on society and sloppy.By his own admission, Rupert now 'praying' that he could ride the storm - and save her marriage to British Vogue Model Liberty Ross,, 33 which he has two young children, Skyla and Tennyson.

Whatever the case, each pair forced a public apology sorry - so the first time Stewart had admitted four year relationship with 26-year R-Patz.He called it "a moment of infidelity ', admits infidelity has' threatened the most important thing in my life, people I love and respect the most ..." Sanders called his' beautiful wife and children of heaven, "adding:" I love them with all my heart. I pray that we can get through this together. '

Pattinson, who remains in hiding, said to be taking the news hard - and drowned his grief. Some tabloid reported this week that Robert had been 'drinking and rely on friends to cope with the pain. " After moving out of the LA love nest with Stewart, actor sought refuge in his Water For Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon's Ojai ranch in California.

The following photo is making out pictures:


I feel sad for Robert and Liberty just look at these photos! God knows what they will do for them. Christian looks so cunning in it, and he looked like a lovesick puppy. Depressing both of them.

Lindsay Lohan Offered Money To Bag Used By Corporate Fundraising

If Lindsay Lohan really hard-strapped for cash these days as some reports claim, the Cash for purses has a solution.
Cash for purses, a charitable company that offers billing for bags and recycle them for fundraising purposes, reportedly offered to buy a used bag Lohan, according to Radar
"I invite Lindsay Lohan to contact my company because we are the buyers of high-end handbags and designer, and we would buy his excess bags to help pay her bills," said company founder and CMO, Trent Silver, Radar. "Wallet Lindsay is equity. Lot of girls do not even realize what they're sitting in their closets, but Lindsay can take advantage for a very reasonable fee."
"If Lindsay wants to show his charitable side, we are willing to work with him," he added. "I will personally match the total value of all the bags and sent to the charity of his choice."
This could be a windfall for the actress, who has a pink ostrich Hermes Birkin bag in the closet.

Here's a collection of treasures lohan news ever at auction:
 Back in December, TMZ reported that Lohan storage locker - features designer clothing, family heirlooms and other personal belongings - are set to be auctioned off because the "gap" actress has failed to pay a debt of $ 16,000.
It never happened, but since it was 26 years reportedly been slapped with a $ 150,000 bill from attorney Shawn Holley, tax liens $ 56,717.90 California with prizes and $ 40,000 for unpaid wages to her former assistant.
Charlie Sheen is an attempt to alleviate some of the financial woes Lohan in November with a check for $ 100,000 but it is doubtful that the "Anger Management" actor will come to the rescue again since "Liz & Dick" star recently refused to help.
According to TMZ, Sheen recently offered to mentor Lohan because she had down the rough road itself, but the starlet allegedly refused reckless movement. He should not believe in the "it takes one to know one" mantra.

See Kate Upton as, Ania, Is her total A Doppelganger (PHOTO)

Kate Upton looks buxom blonde is so well known and so different that it was only a matter of time before the builders come emulate.

Meet Ania, Russia Kate Upton's twin. He did not appear related to Sports Illustrated swimsuit model or even get to know him, but thanks to Twitter, Ania able resembles Kate with pictures of herself in a fur-trimmed jacket ... with nothing underneath.

As far as is known, Ania not a model by profession - in fact, he describes himself in his Twitter as "Mail-order brides in training." But in fact it's one of a kind creation.



Kate, Kate, retweeted a photo with a note "amazing!"

So now you be the judge to assess both: If both players are equally in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot or, uh, a catalog mail-order Russian bride, you will be able to distinguish them where Kate and which Ania?

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Lindsay Lohan gets close to a man for the magazine shoot for MUSE magazine.

Lindsay get photo vintage and hot artistic scandals image for Muse magazine.


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