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See Kate Upton as, Ania, Is her total A Doppelganger (PHOTO)

Kate Upton looks buxom blonde is so well known and so different that it was only a matter of time before the builders come emulate.

Meet Ania, Russia Kate Upton's twin. He did not appear related to Sports Illustrated swimsuit model or even get to know him, but thanks to Twitter, Ania able resembles Kate with pictures of herself in a fur-trimmed jacket ... with nothing underneath.

As far as is known, Ania not a model by profession - in fact, he describes himself in his Twitter as "Mail-order brides in training." But in fact it's one of a kind creation.



Kate, Kate, retweeted a photo with a note "amazing!"

So now you be the judge to assess both: If both players are equally in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot or, uh, a catalog mail-order Russian bride, you will be able to distinguish them where Kate and which Ania?


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