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Floods in Indonesia

Yesterday, 29/01/2014 - Jl. Kaliabang North Bekasi and surrounding areas, access to the Harapan Indah Jakarta passed by floods .. that rain down from 02:30 until this morning makes this region of streets flooded up to 1 meter and a half .. appear in front of a motorcycle suffered strike and have also begun to severe congestion due to either a car or a motor vehicle reversed because can not move on ...

Rows Artist Grammy Nominations 2014 Song Of The Year

Prestigious awards Grammy Awards 2014 will be held on January 26 at the Staples Center, Los Angeles. Who will get the Song Of The Year award this year?

Singer Aura Kasih Reportedly Pregnant

Singer Aura love rumored  pregnant . As confirmed on the news , Heru , Aura manager who successfully contacted C & R Digital sound surprised .
As the closest Aura , Heru indirect denied nor agreed Aura pregnancy news ." Oops news where is it? " He added when contacted on Thursday ( 19/12 ) afternoon .A moment later , as if Heru careful facing pregnancy news Aura , said he wanted to talk first with Aura . " I tried talking to Aura first love for ya , " he added .As reported earlier , the pregnancy news came to the editorial Aura C & R Digital .Aura 2 months pregnant . Check instagram AK . the pregnant to host the new guy you gift to his mother . AK says troubled time Anang was present in Malang because they are confused about aborted if the man does not want the responsibility , " so says the sender of the message .
Seen from instagram @ Aura of Love, Let Love singer seemed more pleased with the baby . He could display photos baby doll .Responding to questions from fans , Aura Kasih said " My baby doll , " said Aura .Aura these days is often rumored having an affair with Raffi Ahmad . But each asked about it , both Aura and Raffi always denied .Well the rumors. If the same Aura Nah no nothing, "said Raffi Ahmad at RCTI studio , Kebun Orange , West Jakarta ,
Raffi yes friends only . He cried , either . If dating baseball ah . Kan said playboy . Not want to ah , " Aura said to reporters at Senayan City , Jakarta .

HyunA 4 Minute Posing Sexy in InStyle Magazine Korea

Member group 4Minute , HyunA is never out of the sexy image . After performing intimate with Hyunseung ' BEAST ' in the music video ' Now' Trouble Maker , this time HyunA posing sexy in InStyle magazine .
HyunA looks glamorous outfits glossy black and silver shades . In one photo , he appears wearing a metallic gold colored oversized shirt .
InStyle also conducted a short interview with the singer of ' Whats Your Name ? ' The . HyunA talked about the chemistry he built with a friend duet , Hyunseung .
" Chemistry- I with Hyunseung only part of the Trouble Maker , nothing more . I'm trying hard to show the concept of suffering partner , " HyunA said , as reported by allkpop .

He added , if not Hyunseung , may not be as perfect as it looks . " Because Hyunseung , we really look like a couple , " he explained .
Regarding future projects , HyunA can not be leaked to the media and fans . But lately he wants to collaborate with Psy returned .
" If Psy wanted to work with me again , I did say ' okay ' at any time , " he said .

Grandma Tattoo and Scandals Miley Cyrus

In one controversial photo into the current conversation, the artist received a trophy for Best Video (for "Wrecking Ball"), thanked the director Terry Richardson in his speech at the podium.
With a light sparkle and cheer from the audience.

And, no, it's not like we do not already know Cyrus loves to gain popularity. But still, Miles. Is this really necessary?

On the red carpet ceremony, meanwhile, Miley wore an unusual gown featuring a close-up of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

The back of her mini skirt read "Please Stop," plea for the world to end the violence.
And when we look at one of her grandmother whether implied cyrus pictures?

Being Nude coveted role of Selena Gomez for a career boost

Disney princess goodbye! Selena Gomez is now transformed into a 20-year-old Hollywood actress is not awkward flaunt her sexiness. Even exclusively to that he dared to act nude for serious roles.

Selena has now grown to become a serious actress and has separated himself from his past with Disney. He did not mind appearing topless for the role so require, "said a source.

Since the series ended WIZARD OF WAVERLY PLACE, Selena bold look sexy in movies and video clips starring. Last March, Selena look sexy in SPRING BREAKERS, scandalous story of 4 students who go sightseeing and get involved with the use of drugs, sex and murder.

While the new video, COME & GET IT also gives a sexy and seductive appearance than previous clips. In a live performance, Selena proved brave showing sexy body in a sensual choreography as well. Selena obviously has left the teen star image he once ha


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