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Being Nude coveted role of Selena Gomez for a career boost

Disney princess goodbye! Selena Gomez is now transformed into a 20-year-old Hollywood actress is not awkward flaunt her sexiness. Even exclusively to that he dared to act nude for serious roles.

Selena has now grown to become a serious actress and has separated himself from his past with Disney. He did not mind appearing topless for the role so require, "said a source.

Since the series ended WIZARD OF WAVERLY PLACE, Selena bold look sexy in movies and video clips starring. Last March, Selena look sexy in SPRING BREAKERS, scandalous story of 4 students who go sightseeing and get involved with the use of drugs, sex and murder.

While the new video, COME & GET IT also gives a sexy and seductive appearance than previous clips. In a live performance, Selena proved brave showing sexy body in a sensual choreography as well. Selena obviously has left the teen star image he once ha

Avril Lavigne costume makes shunned lover while in front of the camera

Avril Lavigne style when present at the Much Music Awards Video very intriguing indeed. Amazingly, Avril lover instead continue to keep their distance. I wonder why ya?


Avril crown it turns out the cause. Because of the spike-style headdress full of thorns, the Chad Kroeger tried to keep a distance so as not to get stuck.
  Not only in the head, singer song Wish You Were Here was also wearing a bracelet full of thorns on the wrist. The same decoration was also meets the outskirts of shoes he wore.
Black shirt he chose to make it more visible Avril malignant. However, it must be admitted that the costumes she wears it quite interesting and innovative.

Avril and Chad itself is not too long in a relationship however, they are formalizing the relationship in bonding engagement, and is in the process towards marriage.

Demo CD The Beatles historic purchased $ 10 Thousand

A single rare early demo CD The Beatles, Love Me Do has been sold at an auction site eBay. Amazingly the single sold in the $ 10 thousand. Figure which is fantastic for a demo release.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the song that made ​​1962 copies only made ​​250 copies cd. It was a stock of radios of the era.

  By the time the demo was released, The Beatles yet widely known. So on the demo pieces of writing credits, the name of Paul McCartney written McArtney. Being authentic evidence that these pieces are original, rare, and historic.

Although Love Me Do only climbed to number 17 when first released in the UK, but it is already more than enough to open the door of success for The Beatles. After that The Beatles had the opportunity to put out another demo that Please Please Me which eventually made ​​them legends until now.


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