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A Mermaid Kim Kardashian Lures Kanye West The Sailor Out To Sea Celebrate Halloween!

Hot damn! We certainly don't blame him for wanting to follow THAT siren's song wherever she goes!

Halloween celebrations kicked into FULL gear this weekend, and Kanye West and his lady love, Kim Kardashian, certainly went above and beyond in the costume department by dressing up as a sailor and seductive, blonde mermaid for the 2012 Midori Green Party at Avenue in NYC last night!

Ch-ch-check 'em both out as they arrived (above)!

Between the splash of color on Yeezy's topsiders and Kim's FEROSH blonde locks, we really have to commend their costume commitment here!

You guys COULDN'T be an any cuter pair!

And we MUCH prefer this over the sexy leopard look gurl was contemplating earlier this month!

Here's hoping you WERKED 'dem fins, gurl! Ha!

Xenu Isn't Done With Tom Cruise Just Yet! Actor Appears As Guest Of Honor At Scientology Event!

Tom Cruise isn't OVER Scientology!The actor, who has been rumored to be having serious grievances with the controversial teachings of L. Ron Hubbard after his third marriage to Katie Holmes collapsed, appeared as a guest of honor at the 28th Anniversary Patrons Ball for the International Association of Scientologists on October 20th…and even wore his Freedom Medal of Valor that the church awarded him!Sources at the dinner, which hosted 2,500 guests at $3,000 a plate, reveal:    "Tom was with a girl with cropped black hair who was wearing a red velvet dress. He was seated at a table of 12 in a special VIP area. Many guests approached him to shake his hand at the end of the meal. He looked at home and stood up to sing along to the Scientology anthem at the end before leaving a little earlier than everyone else. Tom seemed delighted that there were so many well-wishers. It was his first major public appearance at a church event since his divorce and it seemed pretty clear that he hasn’t left the religion."Yeesh! We guess not!But hey!Like we said earlier, we didn't exactly expect Xenu the church to just send him off on his merry way with nothing but well-wishes!You know, with his psychic powers and all!We do hope, however, that even if he is not quite ready to accept the damage that his beliefs have caused his personal life, we will come around to it eventually!Fingers crossed! It might not be so far fetched!!Everything is coming up tails for Tom Cruise lately and those close to him think he's fed up and ready for a drastic change!!And we don't mean a switch from briefs to boxers or from missionary to reverse cowgirl — Tom is contemplating leaving The Church of Scientology for GOOD!!The horror!!!!!One insider revealed:    "[Tom is] finally seeing that being such an advocate for Scientology hasn’t served him as well as he’d hoped — he’s gone through three divorces, and his public perception has sunk to an all-time low.” He's such a prominent member of the church, it's hard for us to imagine him letting it go!Then again, his failed relationship with Katie Holmes marks his third divorce and the man hasn't held Suri in months!We haven't seen Maverick this bummed since Goose died!He's lost and confused and we understand his crisis of faith!!Xenu haters shouldn't celebrate just yet, though. It's not a done deal!The inside source continued:    “Tom hasn’t admitted that he’s definitely leaving Scientology for good. But he’s distanced himself from those in the church and has been hanging out with good friends who aren’t part of the religion… Tom’s been leaning on friends who have different perspectives, getting advice on moving on from Katie as well as on everything he’s been going through with Scientology."Perhaps the Mission: Impossible star's friends and confidantes are warning him to stop living life with his eyes wide shut?But would the church even let him leave without a fight??We wish knew the answers, Tommy boy, but you have to figure this one out on your own!

Nude Photos Novi Amelia no censorship

Novi amelia is a hot model photo yesterday tripped crash case 7 people in the park area sari jakarta, this much discussed because novi amelia is in a state of drug-influenced hit 7 people worse novi amelia drive a car with a state half naked / nude ...

And now nude photos spread on the internet somewhere novi amelia be from where the photo was now longer hot - hot its the talk in the virtual world or social networking following amelia novi Nude photos without censorship that I get from several sources site:

Maybe that's all the photos I took of the other search engines may crash scene in a state of consuming this drug to be the last time his.

Celebrity Foodies

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Married since April 2011, the royal crown of happy couples eating meals at home, with her ​​doing all the cooking at home and shopping menu meal in itself. Among the items on their typical menu homemade roast chicken and sausage links. She also shares her own jam jars of strawberry and plum preserve, according to Vanity Fair.

Celb Foodies

Kim Kardashian
"I love to eat, if you can not enjoy your life then what's the point?. Excuse him for the British magazine" Cosmopolitan "
You can not torture yourself. Rice Krispies Treats I love, ice cream and frozen yogurt. I never aspired to be a size zero.
just want to enjoy life

Behind the Scenes at Our Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins Shoots

My sisters and I did a special photo shoot for our Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins and these are some behind the scenes pictures!
We are all SO excited to visit the UK next month! Have you entered our meet and greet contest yet? We’ll be meeting the winners backstage at our launch at Westfield London on November 10. Xo



Rumors are again talking about a lot of people including celebrities Indonesia

Indra Brugman with Bertrand Antolin period Gay hell yes, now more crowded news has been circulating on the forums because they are more intimate photos together.
Is this real or just a rumor? bertrand same Brugman has reportedly married in the Netherlands.
Until there can be issues like this because they figure handsome celebrities in Indonesia, the time yes they are gay.
We await further news only.

Novi Amelia Photo Still handcuffed and naked after crashing

As reported previously, Novi Amelia was driving a red honda jazz while intoxicated and hit seven people, was driving just wearing panties and bra only. At the beginning of the incident, no photos, video or recording a cover on the scene just in time to hit Novi. In fact, many are very curious to see how his Novi naked when he was arrested and taken to the police station. However, from the news circulating novi no half naked photo right after the incident at the scene.

After several days of events, circulating photos novi police office while still wearing only panties and bra in handcuffs. Many lamented the circulation half-naked photo Novi are still not aware of the drunk. Novi's attorney, member of House of Representatives Commission III and the police themselves do not agree Novi half-naked picture is actually spread. Reportedly, the photo Novi police office was initially circulated through BBM (Black Berry Messenger).

Photo Novi Amelia at the scene shortly after the incident reportedly very sexy, even next to the Bra Novi slightly down so it looks obvious part Novi breasts. Arriving at the Castle police station office, Novi did not immediately dressed and wearing only her panties and bra and her hands still handcuffed, according to information from the clerk, Novi angry and revolted when will clothe clothes.

bring news of kim

Kim Kadharsian is a Liar

Kim Kardashian has always adamantly denied having plastic surgery. She has even going so far as making a post on her blog titled “I Never Had Plastic Surgery!“. Well, Kim’s ex-husband has revealed in court documents that Kim is a big fat liar. Kim has had liposuction as well as breast implants, all paid for by her ex-husband Damon Thomas. This doesn’t really come as a surprise to us over here at, since we noticed Kim’s liposuction back in 2008.
Kim has recently ‘fessed up and admitted that she gets Botox injections, but still denies that she’s had anything else done. I just think it is so bizarre that she insists upon making a big fuss when she lies about having plastic surgery. I think it’s so much more classy to go the Ashley Simpson route and just neither confirm nor deny.

Penelope Love Kids Fear Nikita Mirzani Ridiculed at School

Jakarta - Nikita Mirzani currently entangled in a beating on the two models and Buferly Ovilia Maesandy Sandy Sela. Friend Nikita, Love Penelope admitted worry.

One that makes Love worry is the condition of the daughter Nikita, Laura Melzani Nasseru ASRY. Moreover, Nikita is currently hospitalized because of vomiting in custody.

"At the hospital I had (jenguk), but Nikita is shocked and depressed. Well hopefully she wrote just fine in prison," Love said when contacted by phone on Sunday (10/21/2012) night.

Love so worried because he already thinks women born March 17, 1986 as a sister. He did not want to, so she ridiculed at school because she was detained at the Jakarta Police.

"I was calling her sister that, because the deceased mother Nikita entrust to me before he died. I'm sorry for Niki, because she had a child and I do not want it later when her son was ridiculed in school because his mother was arrested," said Love.

Beautiful French Reporter Harassed in Egypt

Tribunnews.Com - A beautiful woman reporter for television France 24 in Egypt, was attacked and sexually abused by a lot of people when covering demonstrations central Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, Friday (19/10/2012).
According to the Dailymail, Sonia Dridi attacked around 10:30 local time on Friday, after he completed a live broadcast protest in the main square of Egypt's capital.
France 24 did not provide further details about the sexual abuse suffered by an employee, but they said Sonia today are safe and well, although very shocked over the incident.
They plan to drag the rest of the employees abusers to justice to account for their actions.
Currently, the French Embassy in Egypt, Sonia was trying to return to France.
"What nature not only makes me scared and hurt, more than that," he said as he wrote in his Twitter page on Saturday, local time.
He was very thankful and grateful to his colleagues, Ashraf Khalil, an assist and help from the grip of his assailant.
Ashraf said that at that time there were 30 men menjamahi Sonia's body. Deftly he soon secured Sonia to hold her from behind and took him to a relatively safe place.
"A crowd of men suddenly surrounded him, and began to push push her, I try to keep a hug with my arms, it's hard to tell who felt rabanya, but it is estimated there are 30 men at that point," he said.
Having managed to keep his partner from the crowd of men, Ashraf took her to a fast food restaurant with a metal door, to keep him away from the reach of the attackers.
He then rushed to their cars, and made away with Sonia. However they must give up their personal belongings were stolen when the incident happened.

Tracked Edi if Novi Already Improved

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Investigators from the Police suspend search Tamansari who actually Edi, is touted Novi investigator before beginning interrogation. Novi admitted drinking alcohol in the apartment with Edi.

"We'll postpone the search for Eddie, who takes care of Novi is currently first," said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Sr. Comr Rikwanto, Sunday (21/10/2012).

Rikwanto search of Edi said the delay does not mean the investigation of Edi stopped. Later if conditions had improved Novi will be explored again who the real Eddie.

"I'll still be explored Edi's who, Novi consume ekatasi which all later while walking," explained Rikwanto.

To note, the accident more than a week already Novi Amilia (25) who hit seven people in the Taman Sari, West Jakarta, Thursday (11/10/2012) then. Novi has also been named as a suspect lakalantas. But until now who exactly Edi, is touted Novi before investigators are still a puzzle.

Police chief Maulana Tamansari Commissioner Hamdan confirmed as early interrogates Novi mention the name Edi, but now there is no bright spot who the real Eddie.

"He admitted to drinking with Eddie. But we do not know who it was Eddie. Could actually name does not exist, because the time of the incident in question (Novi) are very unstable so do not rule also say it's just home," said Maulana.

Author: Teresa Felisiani | Editor: Gusti Sawa

Novie Amelia Nearly Nude, Could Upload Photos on Twitter

Novie Amelia Nearly Nude, Could Upload Photos on Twitter
by Latest News in News
Novie Amelia the driver could upload half naked picture on Twitter
Novie Amelia woman driving the car took the half-naked post pictures shortly before the accident that injured seven people in the Castle area of ​​South Jakarta. 25tahun old woman, was in the red car wearing a yellow t-shirt and take a picture behind the wheel.

Novie were clearly visible red eye, either because it is in a state of deep sadness to shed a tear or being under the influence of narcotics. The photos were posted on her account on the social network Twitter. Currently he has secured in police Taman Sari.

As previously reported, on Thursday (11/10) at 17:30 pm at Traffic Light ketapang, Castle, West Jakarta, Novi who drove a red Honda Jazz hit seven people, including the police.
Model Novie Amelia, who hit a police officer with his car and some residents, transferred to Kramat Jati Police Hospital in East Jakarta, East Jakarta. The plan, Novie will undergo a number of psychological tests.

The test aims to find out the exact cause of the accident. Police suspect Novie depressed and disturbed mental state possible. The family and team of attorneys Novie seen accompanying her to the Police Hospital. One attorney, Cris Sam Siwu, confirmed his client undergo a psychiatric disorder since the age of five years old when his parents left.

Along with news Novi Amilia, bikini-clad girls who hit seven in Taman Sari, West Jakarta, adult magazine model name is the talk on social networking sites like Twitter and Kaskus. On site kaskus networking site's users share pictures Novi Amilia (there is also a write Novi Amelia). Most of the photos that are uploaded kaskuser pictures "hot" for adult consumption.

Based on the information that is included in the photo, most of the photos taken are photographs that had previously been included in the adult men's magazine. Most, Novi wearing a bikini that accentuated the body.

There were pictures of Novi dressed nurse, but open at the chest. Not only in kaskus ¸ on social networks such as Twitter, your @ fajril_official blasphemous as that of Novi. Yusman S via Twitter account was also surprised by the actions Novi bikinis only when driving a car until it crashed into seven people.

Allegations of Novi is a magazine model has actually been stuck since last night. In the left leg there was a white woman tattoo pictures are a little faded, so it is not clear what the picture was. Tattoos on his left foot also owned the famous exciting models with the name Novie Amelia. Novie Amelia was known to have posed for the magazine Popular and ME. In the magazine Popular, easy to find a photo of a model by the name of Novie Amelia. From some of the photos, Novie has a tattoo on his left foot near the ankle.

Police did not say whether Novi Amilia a hit at Taman Sari Novie Amelia is a model posing in the magazine's exciting. On Thursday (11/10) at around 17:00 pm, Novi who drove a red Honda Jazz hit sellers dumplings, coffee vending cycling, three road users and two traffic police officers in Jalan Ketapang, Taman Sari, Central Jakarta. While driving, this beautiful woman wearing only a bikini.

This accident is not the first time experienced Novi. Earlier, in the area of ​​Taman Sari, she never drove the Honda CRV with zig zag manner so that the user hit the road. Allegedly, he was depressed due to family problems. From the examination of urine, known Novi was taking ecstasy. From his confession to the police, before spurring his car from his apartment in Central Jakarta heading to Ancol, Novie also had drank liquor. This woman is delusional got orders to undress, so he was driving in a state of almost naked.

While Novi address when traced, turned out to be a fake address. Novi mention living in Penjaringan, North Jakarta. However, when the address is visited, no one addresses the people around who knew Novi. The plan of seven people hit by Novi will be questioned.

This clubbing pictures Celebrity Indonesia Manohara Odelia Pinot who Circulating on the Internet

This clubbing pictures Celebrity Indonesia Manohara Odelia Pinot who Circulating on the Internet
These outstanding photo's:

Nearly 5 photos similar artists manohara're clubbing and wearing sexy underwear without bra very quickly circulated on the Internet.
Seen in the photo, beautiful model is wearing a black dress with a low in the chest piece.

From some of the photos that look, featuring Manohara who was dancing to the music.  Her hair is tied up and then looked at the booth.  Occasionally she posed tempting.

Amelia Novi sexy Pictures Magazine Online

Amelia Novi sexy Pictures Magazine Online

Amelia Novi Pictures Magazine Online. On this occasion records will share about Amalia Novi Pictures Magazine Online.

The model that has a sexy body and have a pretty face is one of the adult magazine model Magazine Online.
Well like any photos of Novi Amelia's Magazine Online.
These photos Novi Amalia Magazine [...]

After examining seven members of the Police Tamansari including two policewomen, now the police will be targeting the media and surrounding communities for questioning related to the release of half-naked photo Novi.

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - After examining seven members of the Police Tamansari including two policewomen, now the police will be targeting the media and surrounding communities for questioning related to the release of half-naked photo Novi.

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Sr. Comr Rikwanto said, the first stage has been done examining the seven members of the Police Tamansari by Provos and Propam West Jakarta Metro Police and the Police.

"Kapolsek Castle, members and two policewomen have been checked. Did not rule out expanding to the media and the public in the vicinity. Never connect members who took the photograph," said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Sr. Comr Rikwanto, Thursday (18/10 / 2012) at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters.

Rikwanto said the case is not a case of Novi stealth and cover-up case. Rather exposed cases and occurs in a crowd.

"How not to invite attention, crowded at the time the incident and certainly attract attention due to hit a woman wearing only underwear," said Rikwanto.

Rikwanto emphasize the unfortunate is why the photo was taken at the police station. And currently elaborated further, whether the photo was taken when the door where Novi secured or have someone familiar such as the media.

"Being understood better if picked when the doors open so the cat and mouse, or there is a familiar example associates are familiar with members of the media," said Rikwanto.

Novi Amalia Admits Not Aware of When Photographed Half Naked

Novi Amalia Admits Not Aware of 
When Photographed Half Naked

Novi Amalia, who hit seven in the Castle district, West Jakarta, Thursday (10/11/2012) with the condition almost nude, unconsciously admitted when photographed wearing only underwear.

"I did not realize the time the photo was taken," said Novi told reporters at the office of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Jalan MT. Haryono, East Jakarta, Wednesday (17/10/2012).

Novi Pictures under her hands cuffed behind police were allegedly taken at Taman Sari. Novi is now undergoing examination at BNN. When asked about the prosecution of spreaders photographs, this exciting model photo reluctant to deal with it.

"Let my lawyer all the same, yes," said Novi.

Previously, some nearly naked photos Novi Amilia shortly after secured. He stood on a black mattress with disheveled hair. Possible photo was taken at a place after Novi secured due to hit seven.

Shared By :

7 Most Famous Whiskey flavors

7 Most Famous Whiskey flavors

The world of whiskey is a complex maze of grains, flavors and distillation  processes. Four countries produce distinctly different whiskies: Ireland (Irish Whiskey), Scotland (Scotch), America (Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Blended American Whiskey), and Canada (Canadian Whiskey), although whiskey is made throughout the world. This wide market ensures that almost everyone will find a brand or type that they prefer and, when asked, every whiskey connoisseur has a pointed opinion on which is the best whiskey.

Irish Whiskey:

Considered to be the father of all whiskey, Irish Whiskey is often a blend of pot-stilled malted and unmalted whiskey and column-stilled corn-based grain whiskey or, as in the case of Bushmills, triple distilled malted barley (single malt). This complex blend and the fact that Irish Whiskey malt is dried in a closed kiln, away from fire and smoke, distinguish it from its closest whiskey cousin, Scotch. Great care is taken during distillation to keep the temperature low so as not to break the delicate sweet, toasty honey flavor. It is aged in used bourbon (or various wine) barrels for at least 3 years.

Irish whiskey comes in several forms. Most Irish whiskey contains alcohol continuously distilled from malted and unmalted barley and other grain, but there are a few Irish single malt whiskies made from 100% malted barley distilled in a pot still. Grain whiskey is much lighter and more neutral in flavour than single malt. Most grain whiskey is used to blend with malt to produce a lighter blended whiskey.

Scotch Whisky:

By tradition and standard, Scotch Whisky uses the spelling for whisky without the “e”. The distinct smoky flavor of this distilled classic is due to the malt drying process. Part of which is done over a peat-fueled fire, which allows the smoke to come in direct contact with the malt. Although smoke does define Scotch, each region of Scotland produces a different and distinct flavor characteristics. When choosing a Scotch you will find either “single malt” or “blended” on the label along with an age statement. In the case of blended, the age is that of the youngest whiskey in the blend.

There are two major categories, single and blended. Single means that all of the product is from a single distillery, while Blended means that the product is composed of whiskies from two or more distilleries.

Bourbon Whiskey:

Bourbon is an American whiskey, a type of distilled spirit, made primarily from corn and named for Bourbon County, Kentucky.

When one thinks of Bourbon, Kentucky and a Mint Julep immediately come to mind. Bourbon whiskey received its name from Bourbon County, Kentucky (where no bourbon is made today), however it can be distilled in any American state. According to a 1964 act of Congress, it must have a mashbill of at least 51% corn, with other grain whiskies comprising the rest. This straight whiskey, known as “America’s Native Spirit,” must be distilled at 160 proof (80% alcohol) or less and be aged a minimum of two years in new, charred oak barrels, although it is often aged for four years or more. No blending or additives (except water to reduce to bottling proof) is allowed in Bourbon.

Tennessee Whiskey:

Tennessee sour mash whiskey is very similar to Bourbon. It only need to be distilled of 51% of corn, with a maximum of 79%. The distinct difference in Tennessee Whiskey is due to a filtration process where the whiskey is allowed to slowly drip through 10 feet of sugar-maple charcoal, a process that can take up to 2 weeks for one batch and is known as the “Lincoln County Process.” The whiskey is then transferred to a charred barrel for aging, a minimum of two years. It is common to perceive a charcoal taste in Tennessee whiskey, most prominently in the two most famous brands, Jack Daniels and George Dickel.

Rye Whiskey:

Wheat and barley are commonly used to make Rye Whiskey, however US law mandates that at least 51% of grain used is rye. Rye Whiskey is most similar in taste to Bourbon although there is a spiciness and slight bitter flavor to it that is due to the natural bitterness of rye. During Colonial times Rye Whiskey was very popular, especially in the northeast, however Prohibition damaged the industry and only a few distilleries continued production after it was repealed. Rye has made a comeback in recent years with renewed interest in classic cocktails, which called for it on a regular basis.
Rye Whiskey can refer to two types of whiskey: 1) American rye whiskey, must be distilled from at least 51 percent rye; 2) Canadian rye whisky, may or may not include rye, so long as it possesses the aroma, taste and character generally attributed to Canadian whisky it may legally be labeled “rye”.

American Blended Whiskey:

Like blended Scotch, American Blended Whiskey is a careful selection of straight whiskies and grain spirits combined to create one distinct spirit. A blended whiskey must contain at least 20% straight whiskey and premium brands may have as many as 75 different straight whiskies and grain neutral spirits. This art of blending produces a balanced, rich, light-bodied whiskey, each with its own character.

Canadian Whisky:

When a cocktail calls for “whiskey” you may want to choose a good Canadian Whiskey because it is light-bodied, versatile and very mixable. Made primarily of corn or wheat and supplemented with rye, barley, or barley malt, Canadian Whiskey is aged in used oak barrels for a minimum of 3 years although most are aged for 4-6 years. Almost all Canadian Whiskey is a blend of various grain whiskies of different ages.

Ayyan (Pakistani Model) Hot Expressions Pictures.

Ayyan (Pakistani Model) Hot Expressions Pictures. 

She is one of the top and most bold models of Pakistan fashion industry.
Have a look at her fresh pic.

Kim Kardashian may enter reality show Bigg Boss 6.”

The promos of the upcoming season are on air and the show is about to begin on October 7, 2012.

But the rumors of Kim on the show, are just rumors.
The news was confirmed by the star herself as she tweeted, “Not true sorry! It was reported that Kim Kardashian may enter reality show Bigg Boss 6.”
Since you have made a large number of posts today, please prove that you are not a robot by entering the words below.

Arianny Celeste Sexy Screencaps of Her 2013 Calendar Photoshoot

Arianny Celeste Sexy Screencaps of Her 2013 Calendar Photoshoot

Arianny Celeste poses in her 2013 calendar photoshoot


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