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Tracked Edi if Novi Already Improved

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Investigators from the Police suspend search Tamansari who actually Edi, is touted Novi investigator before beginning interrogation. Novi admitted drinking alcohol in the apartment with Edi.

"We'll postpone the search for Eddie, who takes care of Novi is currently first," said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Sr. Comr Rikwanto, Sunday (21/10/2012).

Rikwanto search of Edi said the delay does not mean the investigation of Edi stopped. Later if conditions had improved Novi will be explored again who the real Eddie.

"I'll still be explored Edi's who, Novi consume ekatasi which all later while walking," explained Rikwanto.

To note, the accident more than a week already Novi Amilia (25) who hit seven people in the Taman Sari, West Jakarta, Thursday (11/10/2012) then. Novi has also been named as a suspect lakalantas. But until now who exactly Edi, is touted Novi before investigators are still a puzzle.

Police chief Maulana Tamansari Commissioner Hamdan confirmed as early interrogates Novi mention the name Edi, but now there is no bright spot who the real Eddie.

"He admitted to drinking with Eddie. But we do not know who it was Eddie. Could actually name does not exist, because the time of the incident in question (Novi) are very unstable so do not rule also say it's just home," said Maulana.

Author: Teresa Felisiani | Editor: Gusti Sawa


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