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Scandalous Demi Lovato Boob Pictures Leaked

Scandalous Demi Lovato Boob Pictures Leaked

Oh Demi, Demi, Demi! Demi Lovato is definitely on Santa's naughty list this year.

New photos of Demi and her boobs just surfaced, and let's just say they make Miley Cyrus look tame.
Santa's Hollywood Naughty List

Demi's backup dancer, Alex Welch, a.k.a. the girl the Demi punched, is also featured in the picture trying to lick her tits making kissy faces to Demi's boobs.

I want to know what the hell was going on right before this photo.
Demi Lovato Getting Sued
At what point did Demi think it was a good idea to get a camera and document her backup dancers trying to lick her boobs?

Do all Disney stars go nuts after they turn 18? First Demi, then Miley and now Demi again. And don't even get me started on Lindsay! I don't know if I find the trend hilarious or super disturbing.


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