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Novi Amelia Photo Still handcuffed and naked after crashing

As reported previously, Novi Amelia was driving a red honda jazz while intoxicated and hit seven people, was driving just wearing panties and bra only. At the beginning of the incident, no photos, video or recording a cover on the scene just in time to hit Novi. In fact, many are very curious to see how his Novi naked when he was arrested and taken to the police station. However, from the news circulating novi no half naked photo right after the incident at the scene.

After several days of events, circulating photos novi police office while still wearing only panties and bra in handcuffs. Many lamented the circulation half-naked photo Novi are still not aware of the drunk. Novi's attorney, member of House of Representatives Commission III and the police themselves do not agree Novi half-naked picture is actually spread. Reportedly, the photo Novi police office was initially circulated through BBM (Black Berry Messenger).

Photo Novi Amelia at the scene shortly after the incident reportedly very sexy, even next to the Bra Novi slightly down so it looks obvious part Novi breasts. Arriving at the Castle police station office, Novi did not immediately dressed and wearing only her panties and bra and her hands still handcuffed, according to information from the clerk, Novi angry and revolted when will clothe clothes.


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