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Angela Merkel and Jas Various Colors

Angela Merkel and Jas Various Colors
Berlin - Every public appearance, German Chancellor Angela Merkel always wear a suit. After the note, it has almost all the colors for his favorite models.

Merkel who always looked confident, has a unique fashion sense. Fashion watchers often say Merkel is a woman who knows what she likes and likes what he knew.
Merkel is rarely seen wearing a different style than usual. In fact, the media was not sure Merkel had tried other styles. Is the flagship model of a blazer with a long jacket just below the waist.

There is padding on the shoulder. Then there are three buttons, though sometimes four buttons added. Two pockets on the front and a small pocket on the chest. This style is her favorite.

Merkel so in love with this style, so he had been photographed wearing almost all the colors that exist in this world, but still with his trademark jacket. As seen from the photos the Daily Mail.


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