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Penelope Love Kids Fear Nikita Mirzani Ridiculed at School

Jakarta - Nikita Mirzani currently entangled in a beating on the two models and Buferly Ovilia Maesandy Sandy Sela. Friend Nikita, Love Penelope admitted worry.

One that makes Love worry is the condition of the daughter Nikita, Laura Melzani Nasseru ASRY. Moreover, Nikita is currently hospitalized because of vomiting in custody.

"At the hospital I had (jenguk), but Nikita is shocked and depressed. Well hopefully she wrote just fine in prison," Love said when contacted by phone on Sunday (10/21/2012) night.

Love so worried because he already thinks women born March 17, 1986 as a sister. He did not want to, so she ridiculed at school because she was detained at the Jakarta Police.

"I was calling her sister that, because the deceased mother Nikita entrust to me before he died. I'm sorry for Niki, because she had a child and I do not want it later when her son was ridiculed in school because his mother was arrested," said Love.


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