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Huahin Vacation

Huahin Vacation
Huahin beach at Prajuabkheereekhan province of Thailand.
I have been there for many year ago in 2009 but i still remember how was Huahin in that time.
If you are looking for peace beach and not far from Bangkok, i suggest you go to Huahin is the best choice for a man who love to live in peace paradise.

If you will compare between Huahin vs Pattaya, it depend on you that which environment you are like, if you love to look around to many crowd people and many type of tourist then go to Pattaya is the best choice but if you do like to set yourself in peace time then go to Huahin, you will see that it very silent city, however there were some area of Huahin that too many people there but in Huahin style they love to live in peace and still keep them old tradition as well.

I liked to work on the street at night to shopping and eating there, because too hot for me in a day, normal Thai people we are do not like sunshine, if can be possible we would like to have private umbrella with us every where.

Then you do not be surprise why do not see Thai people have sunbathe, that it very strange for Thai people if we will sleep under the sun to change our white or tan skin too more dark, because almost Thai lady they love to keep them skin color in white and bright all time.

What interesting at Huahin?

If you love to see sightseeing and nice view around Huahin, i suggest you should climb up to the top of mountain, even Huahin no have big mountain like that but they have some small mountain but they are beautiful and you will see Huahin's view as well after you got the top of mountain.

And not far from Huahin, maybe take time about 40 minutes from center of Huahin, you can go to the temple it's name Wat Thamma mongkol, that very popular in that area, i do like to go there because very peace and i can help some of people there too.

Or if you do like to have some breakfast in the old environment of Thailand before i suggest you should go to the Plernwan market, you will see the old Thai style and the main point is there are many food and menu for you to have taste.

If you want to go there by train, that make take long time from Bangkok, approximately 4 hours and if you wanna go there by fast up, take some van from Anusawaree Sai BTS station, take time about 1.3 hours from there.

Or if you have your own car, it make take time about 1 hours without park.

Okey enjoin your trip and travel, there are many type of hotel and motel there, that depend on you will get lucky but in my opinion idea is beach at Huahin, water was not clear and green like beach at Pattaya, and the sand was also not clean too, however it depend on the area, please walk to look around.


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