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Beautiful French Reporter Harassed in Egypt

Tribunnews.Com - A beautiful woman reporter for television France 24 in Egypt, was attacked and sexually abused by a lot of people when covering demonstrations central Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, Friday (19/10/2012).
According to the Dailymail, Sonia Dridi attacked around 10:30 local time on Friday, after he completed a live broadcast protest in the main square of Egypt's capital.
France 24 did not provide further details about the sexual abuse suffered by an employee, but they said Sonia today are safe and well, although very shocked over the incident.
They plan to drag the rest of the employees abusers to justice to account for their actions.
Currently, the French Embassy in Egypt, Sonia was trying to return to France.
"What nature not only makes me scared and hurt, more than that," he said as he wrote in his Twitter page on Saturday, local time.
He was very thankful and grateful to his colleagues, Ashraf Khalil, an assist and help from the grip of his assailant.
Ashraf said that at that time there were 30 men menjamahi Sonia's body. Deftly he soon secured Sonia to hold her from behind and took him to a relatively safe place.
"A crowd of men suddenly surrounded him, and began to push push her, I try to keep a hug with my arms, it's hard to tell who felt rabanya, but it is estimated there are 30 men at that point," he said.
Having managed to keep his partner from the crowd of men, Ashraf took her to a fast food restaurant with a metal door, to keep him away from the reach of the attackers.
He then rushed to their cars, and made away with Sonia. However they must give up their personal belongings were stolen when the incident happened.


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