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India Reynolds Topless For Nuts Magazine

This is the first time I’ve heard of India Reynolds hot chick, so I can hardly tell you anything about her other than she looks mighty hot in this photoshoot for Nuts magazine, and according to her Twitter, she likes to tweet India Reynolds naked pictures of herself. That’s my girl. She already meets all the qualifications to become my new favorite busty model. Some new pictures similar to these in the near future would definitely deepened our relationship. Hot.

U.S. Markets Fall Sharply on Friday

On Friday, U.S. markets fell sharply, which hurt profits suffered earlier this week. This result followed Republican proposal to avoid fiscal cliff did not find support, dampened hopes for a budget deal before 2012 ends.
After falling as much as 189 points, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 120.88 points, or 0.9%, at 13,190.84, a level that has it's up 0.4% from week-ago close. All but two of the 30 components of the Dow Jones ended down.
Getting weekly rise 1.2%, the S & P 500 Index lost 13.54 points, or 0.9%, at 1,430.15, with consumer stocks hardest hit among its 10 major sectors. NASDAQ index retreated 29.38 points, or 1%, in 3021, leaving it up 1.7% on the week. For every stock rising, more than three falls in New York Stock Exchange, where nearly 1.9 billion shares traded. Composite volume topped 4.8 billion.
Friday's economic data was positive, especially an increase of 0.7% in November in orders for durable goods, according to Johnson. The fiscal-cliff concerns found their way into the consumer sentiment gauge, which fell in December. The University of Michigan consumer-sentiment index Thomson Reuters declined to December's reading of 72.9, the lowest level since January.
House Speaker John Boehner on Friday told members of the House Senate and President Barack Obama must continue to work to prevent a fiscal cliff looming tax hikes and spending cuts.
In Europe, Britain's top shares fell on Friday after a choppy session due to concerns over the U.S. budget negotiations take its toll on investor sentiment. The FTSE 100 index fell 18.35 points, or 0.3%, to 5,939.99, after losing as much as 1.1% after the United States rejected a proposal by Republican Party leader John Boehner aimed at winning concessions from President Barack Obama in a speech.
UK benchmark index ended weeks back in high visibility nine months of 5,977.82 hit on Wednesday, in a sign that investors take into account agreement will be hammered out. UK banking stocks were among the stocks that declined on Friday, down 0.5%, after a parliamentary report warned the sector may need stricter regulations.

The bank also indicated that to meet the liquidity needs to keep put in the FTSE 100 index, ENRC had to make a share placement in 2013, raising funds, but also weigh on the share price in the near future.
 Currency - Euro Down on Fiscal Cliff News (EUR / USD)
On Friday, he was not the euro fell in early trading as traders were rattled by deadlock 'fiscal cliff', looking for a safe haven. UK third-quarter growth was revised lower, and officials say the fourth quarter may end up too weak, low briefly sent the British pound.
The dollar rose against major currencies related to growth on Friday after talks to resolve the stalled U.S. budget crisis, sparking fears the world's biggest economy could be tipped into recession.
The dollar, however, behind the yen, as' traders cut large short positions against the safe-haven Japanese currency after the Bank of Japan this week to increase its asset purchase program by less than some had expected.
Dollar and yen, most liquid currency, tend to demand long as a result of U.S. budget talks remains unclear. Profits can be exacerbated in thin market conditions before the end of the year.
The dollar index rose 0.20% to 79.405, with short-term resistance at an average of 200-week moving around 79.50. The dollar rose significantly to growth-related currencies such as the Australian dollar and New Zealand.
The dollar was down 0.4% at 84.05 yen, well below the most recent 20-month high 84.62 yen. The yen also gained against the euro, with the single currency down 0.5% at ¥ 111.165. Concerns over the budget impasse also affects the EUR / USD, with it trading down 0.3% at $ 1.3200.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Bikini Body in Miami

 Nice Bikini Body Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian poses for a bikini photo shoot in Miami after wrapping the latest season of 'Keeping with The Kardashians.'

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Christmas Plans Are a Sign There's No Trouble in Paradise

Anyone who believes that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who will secretly - or not so quiet - finally, officially call it quits as soon as Breaking Dawn: Part 2 spirit began to subside may feel a wee bit silly now. Because it seems like it would be a strong partner. Perhaps even more powerful than before. At least, that's what you can conclude from the latest gossip about how they spend their holidays.A person "close to the situation," you might say, telling Perez Hilton that Twilight lovebirds "have a small, intimate party decorate Christmas tree on Sunday they have a beautiful tree set up in Christian homes where Rob lives pretty much now .. Christianity is true- really glad to be back home and with Rob. they want to spend as much time as possible together before Rob leaves in January to film the next movie. "Awww! Look, total evidence that they actually can be built to last!No, seriously! After all, if what insiders say is true, a comfortable home together is a sign that things are fantastic actual return - and solid and secure - among them. If the report is that they have been seen in other concerts or other Hollywood bar / lounge, hang out as part of a group, I would not be so sure. But come on, who throws a "small intimate party decorations Christmas tree" and spying basically just lay low with someone they can not stand being around it?!More than Hot Artist Celebrity news: Robert Pattinson Rumored Engagement Ring for Kristen Stewart Sounds Very RomanticErrr ... well, okay, on second thoughts, many of us try to keep things at least appear "safe and light" around the holidays, even when we do not really feel like it. So yes, they may lead to an action, pulling the wool over our eyes just a little bit longer. Bummer. Guess we just have to wait to see if they are still comfortable this time next year, when there was no box office figures hinging on off-screen their love story.Do you think the signs pointed to the relationship Rob and Kristen are really fixed?

Rihanna – “Diamonds” on “The Voice” Finale

Rihanna sings her heart out as the first performer during The Voice Season 3 Finale on Tuesday (December 18) at Sony Studios in Culver City, Calif.

The 24-year-old singer performed her song “Diamonds” for the crowd.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rihanna

“Watch me perform tonight on The Voice, for the very first time… #ThatDamnNavy” Rihanna tweeted.

Tune in right now to NBC to catch the rest of the show and find out whether Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott, or Nicholas David is crowned the winner of The Voice!

Lely bulldozer Pray Nikita Mirzani No Longer Make tantrum

JAKARTA-Indonesia / / Lely bulldozer responded cynically accepted the surety Nikita Mirzani. Although never at odds with Nikita, Lely still hopes the case law Pots movie star grandmother was soon completed.



"I can only pray that conscious, opened the door of the heart. I also pray that she quickly came out and do not make anymore because," Lely said when contacted by phone on Tuesday (18/12/2012).

According to the singer "Rocking bulldozer", Nikita is known for controversial matters. He also thinks Nikita always create a sensation in his career.

"I look at the reputation he does so (minus). Lot of my friends who told me he was indeed unusual sensation seeking," charmless self.

Recognition of the Kidnapped Girl Under Age Andhika Ex "kangen Band"

Indonesia-LAMPUNG - Allegedly carried off minors, Andhika ex miss Band promises to CN, will marry her. According to the 16-year girl, Andhika will marry in early 2013.

He said that while some members of the family managed to persuade him to tell the events he experienced.

Media before Masaa, CN was disappointed with the actions
reported to the police family Andhika to Mapolresta Bandar Lampung, last Friday, December 7, 2012. CN wants the case settled amicably, given goodwill Andhika to be married.


CN Andhika know about 3 months ago and have two months in a relationship with former band vocalist miss it. He was introduced by his brother claimed that no other Andhika CN friend.

During taken away, CN tells only taken away to Mutun Beach tourist area and fishing with friends Andhika others. He also recalled where they were taken away overnight during Andhika.

In the meantime, to account for his actions, Andhika must now languishing in jail cell Mapolresta Bandar Lampung to undergo a process of further investigation.

Lady Gaga came in a Hannibal Lecter-style headpiece Bizarre Cage

Lady Gaga has been known to wear some unusual headwear - remember her lobster hat / beret cow? - But over the weekend he looks a bit gruesome and bizarre.
The 26-year psycho icon appears channeling Hannibal Lecter when she stepped out in Manhattan wearing headgear-style enclosure. Dressed in black, including dangerously high platform, Gaga came out of his New York City hotel on Saturday using a tool that attracts attention. Accessory odd, certainly not very convenient, feature strips of metal, which partially covered his face, and a gold chain. All eyes were on the fashionista as she walked to her car waiting at the strange apparatus - and he knows it. She played while, keeping a serious expression on his face and his eyes were big and wide.
[Related: Stylist Lady Gaga: "I'm surprised some of outfits Her ']
One noticeable difference between the Gaga and Lecter Yet? Gaga headpiece featuring cherub on the right front of the eyes. So the angels!
So where is the "Born This Way" singer headed Lecter look like? No, not the set of the upcoming NBC drama "Hannibal." It almost makes sense. Instead he went to Newark, New Jersey, where he takes the stage during a concert the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones.
Ahead of the event, which was broadcast live on pay-per-view on Saturday night, Gaga was delighted to be sharing the stage with musical legends. "Can not wait to sing with the Rolling Stones on Saturday Night. Stripping In 2007 I told them," posted one-time go-go dancer on Twitter. As for how he is sure to do the show, Gaga tweeted, "He had me at 'hello, said Mick.'"

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After singing "Gimme Shelter" with Jagger and company, Gaga was on cloud nine. "I have a dream life to be transported in a time machine to 1973 NJ, beer + badboys, he tweeted." Someone was going to heal me + then I sing with the Stones. '
No word on how Lady Gaga spent the rest of the night after the show, but we would venture to guess that ends with dinner and Chiantinya fava beans.

Artist Photos Sexy Model Devi Linanda Fresh Look Magazine Online

Indonesia is now the world model being much in demand young and sexy woman in particular, a recent photo of the model follows a well-known magazine in Indonesia.

Cynthiara Alona Profile's

July 7, 1985
Cut Cynthiara Alona, ​​or virgin birth July 7, 1985 is better known as Alona Cynthiara. After serving Umrah in mid-2010, Alona decided to wear the hijab and live a 'new life'. Alona more undergo Islamic activities in order to draw closer to God.

In fact, in worship her umroh, Alona claimed to have met with a potential soul mate, a male Arab nationals. Although still in its approach and introductions, but Alona really expect to find her soul mate immediately.

Alona even declared that he would refuse if offered a role that required him to appear open.
 Alona also deeply regret doing in the past, including nude photos and his topless.

July 2011, Alona involved in cases of fraud committed by its own assistant named Kana Chan Wu. His assistant was accused of embezzlement worth about 11 million in ATM Alona.

Alona started her career when she was 17 years old to be a model and star ad a bank product. From there, his name began to be known as a model, and began to receive advertising offers, such as Jamu Nyonya Meneer.

In 2005, thanks to an offer from Playboy magazine Japan and Singapore face began to be known more widely. Not only look sexy, in international magazines, Alona who also works as a DJ and presenter, able to appear naked. Initially these photos only for personal consumption, but in the end even published in the magazine. Alona quite disappointed, even for these photographs, she was evicted from the house.

Since the event's naked pictures, Alona who also had a model cover magazine Her World, Female Indonesia and Popular, promised his family did not appear sexy anymore.

From the model magazines, Alona who has a Bachelor Degree from the National University of Singapore is starting to develop a career in acting. Luck was still overshadowed Alona, ​​he got a role in several sitcoms, namely, CAT WOMEN-INDONESIA, DOOR Hidayah, LOVE FITRI, CINDERELLA, SUJUDKU, LOVE ABG, and many other soap operas. He also had been a supporter of the event PROFIT NO MIND, although in the end he chose to pull out of the event because he wanted to keep the good name of the family, who does not like when she appeared Nudity.

From the TV screen Alona reaching the big screens. He co-starred in the movie NAIL Kuntilanak will wait JANDAMU, DROP OUT, THE DEVIL deaf, pocong implant and wanton GHOSTS Semanggi.

Attorney Ready to Submit Pre Cynthiara Alona Justice - Feeling aggrieved over the arrest of his client, Cynthiara Alona, Ranto P. Simanjuntak will take legal action to file a pre-trial. He also felt partially can not accept the treatment of immigration.

"We're ready. We value the process is against the law and violated the legal procedure. Instead of my clients, I just can not accept the process of arrest and detention," he said when contacted on Wednesday (12/12/2012).
As a form of disappointment that, Alona and Ranto never signed the arrest warrant. But still run the immigration detention.

"We did not sign the warrant of arrest and detention. Why my client was arrested? Reason for what?" she said, puzzled. (MPA / hen / abs / rth)

Cynthiara Alona Arrested Immigration - News of the arrest of sexy actress Alona Cynthiara Ranto Simanjuntak as confirmed by his lawyer. According Ranto, client forcibly picked up by immigration officials at the Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang.
"He forced transfers and at the pick-up was incredible, near Giant BSD, fit in the car. (The immigration) our clients are treated like terrorists wrote. I was also surprised," he said when contacted Ranto ®, Tuesday (11/12).

Ranto was questioned about the detention of his client being examined. "Last night checked, his yes be arrested just like that?" he asked.

Alona arrest, the Ranto noticed some irregularities. Starting from arrest to detention procedures clients. For that, he will take legal action.

"We will try to pre-trial, it was my first apartment. Later I'll be there (immigration)," said Ranto. (MPA / hen / rea / dar).

She will to not Signs Letter Reject Detention

Unfortunate fate experienced artist Alona Cynthiara arrested by immigration officials on Monday (10/12) afternoon. Catching a movie star raped allegedly because SATAN is using a false passport. When arrested Cynthiara parties refused to sign the arrest warrant.

"Yes, it happened in deket Giant BSD. Signature we do not want an arrest warrant, since the time of arrest, not the name on behalf of our clients. Written pake S, while the client we use C (Cynthiara). Data is also incorrect, our client is religion Islam, but in a letter written the Christian religion, "said Ranto Simanjuntak, attorney Cynthia when contacted ®, Tuesday (11/12).

Ranto any further stated if it will prepare and file legal action as it deems violate the pre-trial procedure.

"His detention for a period of 20 days, but we will ask for the suspension. We also prepare pre-trial again for the actions of procedural errors and the investigation, "he said.

One interesting thing is Ranto statement, the Immigration recognized Ranto change warrant against Cynthia. Because unlike the arrest warrant when Cynthia was taken forcibly picked.

"Letter of incarceration changed after Cynthia was arrested. Unlike the arrest warrant. Warrant in his name had become Cynthiara, while in the arrest warrant still wear S, so we refused to sign the guns," he concluded. (MPA / hen / abs / dar)

'Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like... a bigger bikini!' Shahs Of Sunset star Mercedes Javid spills out of her tiny two-piece

She's the new reality star who has already garnered comparisons to both Kim Kardashian and Jersey Shore's Snooki.
So it stands to reason that Shahs Of Sunset star Mercedes Javid is following in the footsteps of the pair and attempting to boost her own popularity by wearing as little as possible.
The pretty brunette star was seen spilling out of a blue strapless bikini which appeared to be a couple of sizes too small as she soaked up the sunshine poolside in Santa Barbara.

For Christmas I would like... a bigger bikini! Shahs Of Sunset star Mercedes 'MJ' Javid spilled out of her strapless bikini as she soaked up the sun poolside in Santa Barbara earlier this week

Mercedes, who is known on the show as MJ, was joined by a female friend as she alternated sunbathing and drinking beer by the pool, but didn't actually go swimming for fear of ruining her hair and make-up.
And while Mercedes' fans love her for her curvaceous figure, the 30-something star appeared self-conscious of her lumps and bumps at points.
As she gingerly lowered herself onto the waiting sunlounger, Mercedes did her best to adjust the two-piece to make it as flattering as possible.

A few sizes too small: Mercedes appeared slightly self-conscious of her curves as she reclined on her towel

Best angle for tanning! Mercedes was joined by a female friend as the pair enjoyed their relaxing day

Mercedes' friend even joined in with the adjustments, pulling her pal's bottoms away from her body to apparently look at her tan line.
The real estate agent has achieved notoriety through the surprise hit Bravo reality show Shahs of Sunset, produced by Ryan Seacrest.
The show is described by its producers as: 'A group of friends...who are fervent on the dating and party scene, but seeking approval from their family, face pressures to settle down and marry within the community. 

Aren't you hot? Mercedes teamed her two-piece with a pair of sheepskin boots
Thirsty girl: Mercedes kept herself hydrated with regular swigs from her bottle of beer

From outings on Rodeo Drive to traditional Persian feasts at home, this series celebrates the unique lifestyle of a group of friends who have worked hard for what they have and are not afraid to flaunt it.' But Seacrest recently said that he knew the show would be popular because it's mainly about friendship.

He told the Daily Beast: 'The great thing about a show like this is that it promotes something I believe in, which is friendship and family. We like shows about that.'
And the popularity of the show is going from strength to strength, with ratings from the season 2 premiere of the programme showing that 2.3million viewers tuned in to the show.
The figure is a 106% rise from the season 1 debut of the show in March 2011.


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