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Cynthiara Alona Profile's

July 7, 1985
Cut Cynthiara Alona, ​​or virgin birth July 7, 1985 is better known as Alona Cynthiara. After serving Umrah in mid-2010, Alona decided to wear the hijab and live a 'new life'. Alona more undergo Islamic activities in order to draw closer to God.

In fact, in worship her umroh, Alona claimed to have met with a potential soul mate, a male Arab nationals. Although still in its approach and introductions, but Alona really expect to find her soul mate immediately.

Alona even declared that he would refuse if offered a role that required him to appear open.
 Alona also deeply regret doing in the past, including nude photos and his topless.

July 2011, Alona involved in cases of fraud committed by its own assistant named Kana Chan Wu. His assistant was accused of embezzlement worth about 11 million in ATM Alona.

Alona started her career when she was 17 years old to be a model and star ad a bank product. From there, his name began to be known as a model, and began to receive advertising offers, such as Jamu Nyonya Meneer.

In 2005, thanks to an offer from Playboy magazine Japan and Singapore face began to be known more widely. Not only look sexy, in international magazines, Alona who also works as a DJ and presenter, able to appear naked. Initially these photos only for personal consumption, but in the end even published in the magazine. Alona quite disappointed, even for these photographs, she was evicted from the house.

Since the event's naked pictures, Alona who also had a model cover magazine Her World, Female Indonesia and Popular, promised his family did not appear sexy anymore.

From the model magazines, Alona who has a Bachelor Degree from the National University of Singapore is starting to develop a career in acting. Luck was still overshadowed Alona, ​​he got a role in several sitcoms, namely, CAT WOMEN-INDONESIA, DOOR Hidayah, LOVE FITRI, CINDERELLA, SUJUDKU, LOVE ABG, and many other soap operas. He also had been a supporter of the event PROFIT NO MIND, although in the end he chose to pull out of the event because he wanted to keep the good name of the family, who does not like when she appeared Nudity.

From the TV screen Alona reaching the big screens. He co-starred in the movie NAIL Kuntilanak will wait JANDAMU, DROP OUT, THE DEVIL deaf, pocong implant and wanton GHOSTS Semanggi.


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