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Cynthiara Alona Arrested Immigration - News of the arrest of sexy actress Alona Cynthiara Ranto Simanjuntak as confirmed by his lawyer. According Ranto, client forcibly picked up by immigration officials at the Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang.
"He forced transfers and at the pick-up was incredible, near Giant BSD, fit in the car. (The immigration) our clients are treated like terrorists wrote. I was also surprised," he said when contacted Ranto ®, Tuesday (11/12).

Ranto was questioned about the detention of his client being examined. "Last night checked, his yes be arrested just like that?" he asked.

Alona arrest, the Ranto noticed some irregularities. Starting from arrest to detention procedures clients. For that, he will take legal action.

"We will try to pre-trial, it was my first apartment. Later I'll be there (immigration)," said Ranto. (MPA / hen / rea / dar).

She will to not Signs Letter Reject Detention

Unfortunate fate experienced artist Alona Cynthiara arrested by immigration officials on Monday (10/12) afternoon. Catching a movie star raped allegedly because SATAN is using a false passport. When arrested Cynthiara parties refused to sign the arrest warrant.

"Yes, it happened in deket Giant BSD. Signature we do not want an arrest warrant, since the time of arrest, not the name on behalf of our clients. Written pake S, while the client we use C (Cynthiara). Data is also incorrect, our client is religion Islam, but in a letter written the Christian religion, "said Ranto Simanjuntak, attorney Cynthia when contacted ®, Tuesday (11/12).

Ranto any further stated if it will prepare and file legal action as it deems violate the pre-trial procedure.

"His detention for a period of 20 days, but we will ask for the suspension. We also prepare pre-trial again for the actions of procedural errors and the investigation, "he said.

One interesting thing is Ranto statement, the Immigration recognized Ranto change warrant against Cynthia. Because unlike the arrest warrant when Cynthia was taken forcibly picked.

"Letter of incarceration changed after Cynthia was arrested. Unlike the arrest warrant. Warrant in his name had become Cynthiara, while in the arrest warrant still wear S, so we refused to sign the guns," he concluded. (MPA / hen / abs / dar)


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