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Recognition of the Kidnapped Girl Under Age Andhika Ex "kangen Band"

Indonesia-LAMPUNG - Allegedly carried off minors, Andhika ex miss Band promises to CN, will marry her. According to the 16-year girl, Andhika will marry in early 2013.

He said that while some members of the family managed to persuade him to tell the events he experienced.

Media before Masaa, CN was disappointed with the actions
reported to the police family Andhika to Mapolresta Bandar Lampung, last Friday, December 7, 2012. CN wants the case settled amicably, given goodwill Andhika to be married.


CN Andhika know about 3 months ago and have two months in a relationship with former band vocalist miss it. He was introduced by his brother claimed that no other Andhika CN friend.

During taken away, CN tells only taken away to Mutun Beach tourist area and fishing with friends Andhika others. He also recalled where they were taken away overnight during Andhika.

In the meantime, to account for his actions, Andhika must now languishing in jail cell Mapolresta Bandar Lampung to undergo a process of further investigation.


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