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Six Most Beautiful Women 2013 version of People Magazine

Here the woman chosen People magazine as the Six Most Beautiful Women :

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was chosen by People magazine as the most beautiful woman in 2013's. Gwyneth feel most beautiful when he was with in the midst of his family.
Star of "Django Unchained", Kerry Washington is also in the list of People magazine's most beautiful woman. For Kerry, he does not need to be perfect, just enjoy the journey of life is not perfect and mess.
Star of "Les Miserables", Amanda Seyfried entered the list of People magazine's most beautiful woman of the year. Amanda admitted to not want to look like everyone else because he just wants to be himself in his life.
Zooey Deschanel is also included in this list claimed to idolize the style of the beloved mother. For him, be yourself is the thing the most important.
At the age of 75 years, Jane Fonda managed to get into a row of pretty-faced artist People magazine. For him, will radiate beauty from the inside out through the eyes and smile.
The Oscar-winning star, Jennifer Lawrence has also made ​​it into the list of People magazine's most beautiful woman of the year. Jennifer admitted to not like people thinking about beautiful women.

Six Celebrities Cute-faced

Here Are a six celebrity Cute faced in Image :

Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher lover of, is one of the cute-faced Hollywood celebrity. Mila current age 29 years.

With a cute and innocent face, who would have thought Miranda Kerr was 30 years old? The Australian model has been married to actor Orlando Bloom and blessed with a baby.
Amanda Seyfried is one of the cute-faced Hollywood celebrity. The 27-year-old actress started her career in the entertainment world as a model.
The former Disney child star, Selena Gomez has grown up. Age is now 20 years old, but still looks boyish cute face on him.
Although the 31-year-old, Jessica Alba's face still looks cute. 31-year-old Alba has become a mother to two children appear in every dress and her makeup is still terilhat cute 
Star of television series "Mad Men", Alexis Bledel also has a cute face. But make no mistake, Alexis is now stepping age 31 years.

Euphoria in celebrations Birthday Parade Roma 2766

In this article will be a lot of pictures of the birthday celebrations in 2677 to Rome, seen in photograph number of women dressed as maids and also photos of A boy dressed like a soldier in ancient Rome.
Also there is a session in which a beautiful woman dressed as a Roman goddess of the ancient kingdom and there is a photograph in which many Roma Citizens woman dressed as servants, while their men dressed in ancient Roman army who were in front of the Coliseum.
Rejoice all Roman citizens gathered in front of the museum and the Coliseum when going to parade in celebration of the anniversary of the city of Rome to-2766 in Rome, Italy.

Here are five celebrity couples who Without Marriage Relationships

Celebrity couples in this article are those who have a relationship with no ties or marriage such as:

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt known for her role in the movie "Mad Men" and "Kissing Jessica Stein" has been in a relationship with for 15 years without any marital status.
Couples celebrity love when they start playing with or near the movie Mr and Ms Smith. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been in a relationship since 2005 to 2012, during which time they have had 6 children.
The following celebrity couple named Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been in a relationship more than 30 years, but the couple did not get married until now and they think why get married, if we love each other and understand each other he told sources that interviewed him.
Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson thinks and knows that marital status is a status that is important in a relationship, but they do not do so, Why? Because they are happy with this kind of relationship without marriage status.

Celebrity couples who according to sources is Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber has had two heart from the results of their relationship so far, with no marital status.

So Senkaku Islands Dispute, Japanese Ambassador to China Call

Japanese coastguard ships sailing near Chinese patrol ships, Haijian No.. 51 (front) sailing in the waters around the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, an area disputed between Japan and China.
China summoned Japan's ambassador to protest against Chinese rule over their ships entry into the territorial waters around the islands of Senkaku / Diaoyu dispute that the two countries.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Tuesday, October 23, 2013, said his government summoned the ambassador Bamboo Curtain country after eight Chinese ships entered the waters near the Senkaku Islands / Diaoyu.
The islands have been incorporated into the Japanese archipelago map in September 2012.

In one incident, Chinese ships repel about 10 boats carrying 80 activists nationalist Japan, Ganbare Nippon, which is sailing in the area on Tuesday morning local time, 23 April 2013.

The Chinese ships were then pulled out of the waters after getting orders from Japan Coast Guard patrol boat patrol when a Chinese patrol ship approaching.

Intelligence experts reported that there are a large number of Chinese ships entered Japanese territorial waters, "said a coast guard member who asked not to be named told the activists.

Japan's chief Cabinet Secretariat, Yoshihide Suga on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, confirmed the incident. "Today there are eight Chinese surveillance vessels entering the Senkaku Kepulauian around Uotsuri Jima."

According to China, shipping by Ganbare Nippon is illegal and create problems. "We filed a formal protest to the Japanese government," said a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.
We wait for good news hopefully both sides can be reconciled.

Pablo Montero caught Making out with Sex Bomb Venezuela

Personal and professional life threatened Pablo Montero.In fact, the new mid-March he stole the attention of the people of Latin America, while also removing the departure of the late President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, with his golden voice. Yes, with a jarring beautiful voice, Pablo singing "El Rey" or "The King" in the body of Chavez.Apparently, Pablo agenda to Venezuela not only noble action. He still time flirt with her sex bomb Venezuela, Diosa Canales! The photos kissing and hugging they quickly spread in cyberspace.This is not the first wife of Pablo, Carolina van Wielink, fidgety affair telenovela Esperanza players and Vivo por Elena's. Earlier this year, Carolina expressed through his Twitter account, they have a month apart; later denied Pablo. Hear an affair with Diosa, Carolina reportedly could not stand anymore.

"Now, yes Carolina wounded, gathered his things and went out of his house," a source assured. This time, replace the SC dismissed the news parting with Pablo."I'm fine, was not affected (news affair Pablo - ed). I am calm in my house with my son; thank God, I am fine with him. Lastly, there's nothing more I can say," Carolina does not justify information sources.Outside of this affair, Pablo is also problematic in filming Que Bonito Amor telenovela, starring Jorge Salinas and Danna Garcia. As a consequence, in several episodes of participation abolished. In fact, the central role as the main antagonist. "There was some misunderstanding, there are also notes the delay, but all taken care of. Yeah, now he's removed from a few episodes," you tell the producer, Salvador Mejia.Henceforth, Salvador leaves the decision to Pablo. If the intention is not to change Pablo, Salvador do not mind crossing out his name from the ranks of player."Does she want to survive and continue, or just want to focus on his music. Which should I talk to him is a matter of discipline," said Salvador, who had worked together nicely with Pablo in the telenovela Carmenita 12 years ago.

Profile Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Suspect bombers Boston Marathon

Dzokhar Tsarnaev born in Kyrgyzstan, are ethnic Chechens c.  
He moved to the United States in 2002. Dzokhar known to live at 410 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev obtain a green card in 2007, and received United States citizenship on 11 September 2012, he was also very popular in school and never made ​​a fuss.  
He entered the school futsal team, as well as volleyball players. he also had joined the wrestling exercise, because it herself into the first team - an all-star team wrestling school in Cambridge.  
He is bringing in a scholarship of $ 2,500 in 2011 and then went to school at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.
All his colleagues were very surprised by this news about him as a suspect bomb boston, because of his narrative says that Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev is a quiet student and also a bit shy.

Dzhokhar hiding Revealed Thanks to Advanced Thermal Cameras

All these pictures are second arrest second suspect when the suspect where the last position taken by the thermal camera shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev while hiding in the ship.
Police cars are equipped special thermal camera for ships approaching the suspect hiding place.
A Picture of a thermal camera that the police managed to detect and locate the position of the suspect who was hiding under the vessel Dzhokhar through his body heat.
Photos from the thermal camera shows the moment police tossed a flash grenade to force the suspect out of the ship.
Suspect Dzhokhar time when his ship out of her hiding place with a bullet wound in the neck for trying to commit suicide with a gun he was carrying, but failed.
End of raids and arrest the suspect, Officer FBI Evidence Recovery Team inspect ships hideout Dzhokhar at 67 Franklin St. in Watertown, Massachusetts.


Telenovela star Nora Salinas Nude in Adult Men Magazine

A year after splitting up with Mauricio Becker, Nora Salinas appearing openly in adult men's magazine H!

Mother of 2 children - from a wedding to Miguel Borbolla and relationship with Mauricio - so feel confident pose for public consumption.

"I love to see myself in the mirror and I admire my body. I think I am now in the best condition, I am a grown woman and I express it in myself and feeling. I am also taking care of yourself, because that's the age of 36 years I was a happy woman and it is reflected in what I say and do, "quipped the antagonist Graciela in Esmeralda and Fedra in Rosalinda.

From all parts of the body, the actress who is also known for the role of Aunt Wigs in Carita de Angel is like slender legs. "The funny thing is, before I do not like because to me it looks lean and I also like the eye gaze, with that I conquered the pair-mate," he added laughing.

Well, on the other hand, what a woman born June 7 like this from a man?

"I wants a smart man, but the important thing is that I admire. Which is also interesting is her gaze and neat. Physically I do not have a stereotype, but I love his eyes, his firm, and his shoes should be clean."

Despite ending the relationship with Mauricio unpleasant Nora accused beat her, she still opens itself to the presence of a man in her life. "Love is part of life and should be enjoyed when love is coming. Now, after what happened, I was in recovery and I am a woman who loves both my daughters: I will never lose that love," he said confidently.

Britney Spears contents voice in Soundtrack "The Smurfs 2"

Like the first Smurfs movie? Get ready to watch a movie sequel while listening to Britney Spears singing voice.

Yes, The Smurfs 2 ready on and Spears will get involved. Not as the voice, but to create a special song for the soundtrack of the movie.

CBS reported on Thursday , the 31-year-old singer has recorded a song called "Ooh La La". Through his Twitter, the singer of the song "Baby One More Time" it says specifically made ​​this song for her two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston.

This song was written and produced by Dr. Luke, who also worked with Britney in the "Hold it Against Me" and "Circus".

"From childhood, I've really liked the Smurfs, and now my kids a big fan of them. I want to surprise them with the songs to be aired in this film and I knew that they would think this is very Smurfastic!"

Date aired The Smurfs 2 will be released in July 2013. Gee, sure sounds Britney Spears "smurf" really.

Bipasha Basu likes bikini Since Age 2 Years

In films that starred, often look sexy Bipasha Basu.In the movie Dhoom 2 and Players, Bipasha is no bikini scene. But Bipasha assert bikini scenes to create a certain image. Since childhood Bipasha comfortable bikini.

"When I was two years old, my father bought bikinis from Australia. I have a picture, really cute. So, since that age, I had a girl who loved the sun and the beach, "says Bipasha, as quoted by the Times of India, on Wednesday (20/3).

"(Like wearing a bikini) it occurs naturally. This is obviously not to create an image on the big screen. Behind the scenes I was comfortable (bikini). I like the burning sun on the beach, "the story of India Resort Fashion Week ambassador this.

Any tips from Bipasha for women to be more comfortable while wearing a bikini.

"You should be more confident. It's not about wearing a bikini, but you use a lot more confidence, "he concluded.

Beautiful artist is Prouds With a shrinking breasts

Unlike the majority of women who want breasts look great until there is plastic surgery to enlarge breast size, Amanda Seyfried just proud that she had breast shape now though smaller in size due to weight loss he experienced.  
When looking at pictures of her at the age of 19 years, Amanda felt her breasts bigger than now. According to the artist's 27-year, changes in breast size due to weight loss. "I look at my pictures when I was 19 years some time ago and my boobs look bigger there
Size D and now little used, C since I lost weight. Yet there is something very beautiful from the size of them," Amanda said as quoted by The Sun on Wednesday (17/04/2013). Busy work also be a factor of the movie 'Les Miserables' is losing weight.  
Even so, her breasts are grateful Amanda Seyfried is currently not much interfere with their activities. "When I look back, I was like, 'why do I always give myself a hard time?'. But they can still get in the way, like when I wear a tight sports bra when I was running. Because they like to slap my chin," he explained .

Nude in Playboy magazine, Lindsay Lohan Paid $ 1 Million

Owner of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner willing to spend up to $ 1 million in order to make Lindsay Lohan as a model of the adult magazine for men.
Artist who has just set a house arrest that was originally offered USD750 thousand to pose naked with no clothes, but the woman who was familiarly called Lilo was refused and raised the price.

Sources told TMZ that the cooperation of photography has intensified since the last few months by Playboy. Felt he had a selling point, Lindsay was immediately raised the price offered.
Lindsay is not the first time nude posing naked in front of the camera.  

He had undergone a nude photos in the movie 'Robert Rodriguez's Machete'. "I can not confirm or deny that at this time," said spokeswoman Lilo reported by Dailymail.

Farrah Abraham Bikini Looks're Happy With His son

Actress Farrah Abraham looks sexy with green make a bandage while playing with his son and they look happy while playing with her daughter Sophia who was 4 years old at the beach Calfornia, USA.
Sexy and beautiful actress Farrah Abraham is involved in a porn video is not seen no problems when he was playing with his daughter that there just wanted to spend the holidays with her daughter all day without any problems or load current reaches it.
Because when arriving at a goal farrah beaches look beautiful with a long white dress with her ​​when Sophia is also wearing a white dress fashion typical child his age who look more cute and adorable.


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