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Fetty Febiola Wait Acting Bid

Jakarta - The world of entertainment has always offered many avenues for developing careers. Hot Artist Profile us this time, Fetty Febiola even aware of it. He claimed to be acting in front of the screen in addition to pursue singing.

In addition to adding new knowledge, believed to be acting through the artist whose name is often associated with a soap star Febby Febiola also able to boost his name to be known by the wider public.

Despite being a newcomer would be, but he does not feel awkward. Fetty said she was ready to try new things to improve his career forward.

"Want heck, play soap operas or movies. Exclaimed wrote through it, "he said.

Unfortunately, the tight schedule of singing, Java, Sulawesi-blooded woman has not had a chance to realize these desires.

Worried clashed with filming, inevitably he must now choose one area where he can focus.

So, like what kind of role he plays? Collector bags and accessories claiming to be acting in any role. Fetty admitted reluctant to be picky. Each role has its own challenges judged to acted.

Even for the role of sexy though. As long as the role involves topless or naked, she said she was ready lined up to act in it. All is seen as part Fetty to perform total.

"Shown total is important in any job. Including if later to play movies or soap operas, each role was the challenge its own right, "he said.

"Anyway, hopefully in the future I can be offer to play FTV, soap operas or films," he added hopefully.


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