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Official New Zealand legalize same-sex marriage

New Zealand officially legalize same-sex marriage. The majority of MPs voted in support for gay marriage is allowed in the country.Of the voting results, 77 of the 121 members of parliament approved amendments to the Marriage Act in 1955 stipulated that gives permission for same-sex couples to marry."Two-thirds of lawmakers to support marriage equality," said Louisa Wall of the opposition Labour Party who openly claimed to be a gay person as reported by the Globe and Mail, Thursday (04/18/2013).This result immediately applauded, cheering and even singing the traditional Maori song celebration of the community hall. Thus, New Zealand will be the first Asian-Pacific countries that allow same-sex marriage."It shows our country has built up equity of Human Rights," said Lousia.In New Zealand, in 2005, the recognition of same-sex couples in most relationships have been established with the founding of the union citizens. Any minute now, the rule will be applied. Once approved, the rule is same-sex marriage took effect in August 2013."I have a boyfriend (a man). Accordingly, we could get married.'s Good," said Timothy Atkin, a student who was in the crowd in front of the parliament building and go listen to the voting results.Get legal marriage Similar CountriesNew Zealand is now the 13th state to recognize and legalize same-sex marriage for its citizens, following the Uruguay passed a similar law last week. While, Australia rejected a same-sex marriage legalization in the past year.Countries that already have same-sex marriage legislation, among others Canada, Spain, Sweden and a number of states in the United States.France will follow soon legalize same-sex marriage, in the midst of the noise of the party opposing oposisi.Law Act was opposed by the Catholic church and a number of other religions, as well as by community groups on the grounds that the state can be destructive to the family.


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