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Leave Victoria's Secret, Miranda Kerr How a Career

The news release of Miranda Kerr from Victoria's Secret is very surprising. Now, this sexy model finally spoke up about the news.

As reported by Contact Music, Orlando Bloom's wife finally admits that he is no longer the Angel Victoria 'Secret. But he insists that his relationship with the fashion house will continue.
Bottom line, I've been a model since the age of 13 years. Now I will live a new chapter in life. I felt this since my son was born, and I practically had to be a mother. I realize that I need to prioritize my time - say him, "he said in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

Furthermore, he also briefly mentions that he is not ready if you have to extend the contract with Victoria's Secret. The statement dismissed the news that he was expelled for not being able to get along with other models.

"I'm just not in a position to commit the full contract today. Guess all the people who work with me would agree that the accusation (can not get along) it's not true," he continued.


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