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Pablo Montero caught Making out with Sex Bomb Venezuela

Personal and professional life threatened Pablo Montero.In fact, the new mid-March he stole the attention of the people of Latin America, while also removing the departure of the late President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, with his golden voice. Yes, with a jarring beautiful voice, Pablo singing "El Rey" or "The King" in the body of Chavez.Apparently, Pablo agenda to Venezuela not only noble action. He still time flirt with her sex bomb Venezuela, Diosa Canales! The photos kissing and hugging they quickly spread in cyberspace.This is not the first wife of Pablo, Carolina van Wielink, fidgety affair telenovela Esperanza players and Vivo por Elena's. Earlier this year, Carolina expressed through his Twitter account, they have a month apart; later denied Pablo. Hear an affair with Diosa, Carolina reportedly could not stand anymore.

"Now, yes Carolina wounded, gathered his things and went out of his house," a source assured. This time, replace the SC dismissed the news parting with Pablo."I'm fine, was not affected (news affair Pablo - ed). I am calm in my house with my son; thank God, I am fine with him. Lastly, there's nothing more I can say," Carolina does not justify information sources.Outside of this affair, Pablo is also problematic in filming Que Bonito Amor telenovela, starring Jorge Salinas and Danna Garcia. As a consequence, in several episodes of participation abolished. In fact, the central role as the main antagonist. "There was some misunderstanding, there are also notes the delay, but all taken care of. Yeah, now he's removed from a few episodes," you tell the producer, Salvador Mejia.Henceforth, Salvador leaves the decision to Pablo. If the intention is not to change Pablo, Salvador do not mind crossing out his name from the ranks of player."Does she want to survive and continue, or just want to focus on his music. Which should I talk to him is a matter of discipline," said Salvador, who had worked together nicely with Pablo in the telenovela Carmenita 12 years ago.


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