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Katy Perry Attracted to Robert Pattinson

Katy Perry recently broke up with John Mayer claimed to have spent some time with Robert Pattinson. Katy tried to forget her heartbreak after dumped by John Mayer some time ago.

Katy themselves known to be close to Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson girlfriend. Christian even had lap while attending Katy Kids Choice Awards (in Photos).

But Katy made ​​a shocking confession to Christians, when they karaoke together, Katy stated that he wanted a date with Robert when they broke up again..

A source stated that while Katy declare it, he wanted to run from the karaoke place, was so shock's hear what Katy. After the incident, reportedly interrogated Robert Christian, Katy does all it says is true.

Kristen and Robert himself had just reconciled after breaking up because Christian caught cheating with director Rupert Sanders. Are they going to break up again because of the proximity of Katy.


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