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Boston Bomb Packed In Pot Presto

The federal agency said Tuesday (16/04/2013), focusing on how the bombing near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Monday, done. They have learned that the pressure cooker is used to pack explosives, nails, and other deadly shrapnel in the explosion. However, they still do not know who did it and what his motives.
AP news agency reported, an intelligence bulletin issued to law enforcement officials and circulated on Tuesday night ran a photo of a broken cooker and a torn black bag, according to the FBI agents who are part of a bomb.

Allegations about the suspect and his motive remains wide open," said Richard Deslauriers, FBI agent in charge in Boston, said in a press conference. He vowed to "pursue the subject until the end of the earth or the person responsible for this despicable crime."
The FBI and several other U.S. law enforcement agencies repeatedly appealed to the citizens to provide photographs, videos, or anything suspicious that they might see or hear. Deslauriers asking people to tell something suspicious, like hearing someone express interest in explosives or desire to attack the marathon, or see someone carrying a heavy bag in the race's dark or mysterious explosions heard recently.
The FBI said it was checking what Boston television station, WHDH, claims as a photo sent by the viewers that shows the scene just before and after the bomb exploded. The photo shows something close to a mailbox that seems a bag, but it is unclear what value the photo. "We're looking at hundreds of photos, and it's one of the photos," said FBI spokesman Jason Pack.
President Barack Obama called the attack an act of terrorism, but he said officials did not know "whether the attack was planned and executed by a foreign or domestic terrorist organization, or whether it is (a) an individual action."
Dozens of victims of the explosion was still in the hospital, many who suffered grievous wounds, the day after the twin explosions near the marathon finish line, killing three people, injuring more than 170 others, and revived fears of terrorism. A 9 year old girl and a boy aged 10 years was among the 17 victims in critical condition.
The law enforcement officers discovered that the bombs in Boston that consisted of explosives put in 1.6 gallon size pressure cooker. The bomb contains metal fragments and buckshot, the other containing nails, said someone close to the investigation, was quoted as saying Washington The man did not want anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. The bombs, the source said, was put into a black duffel bag and left on the ground.
Deslauriers confirmed, investigators have found pieces of a black nylon bag or backpack and buckshot fragments and nails, which may be put into the pot pesto. He said the items had been sent to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia, for analysis.
Investigators said they have not determined what was used to detonate the explosives.
Explosions with pressure cooker has been used in international terrorism and has been recommended for an individual or an individual operation (lone wolf) by the Yemeni branch of Al Qaeda. However, information about how to make bombs that can easily be found online. U.S. officials have asked Americans not to rush it connects with the terrorist attacks abroad. Deslauriers said, so far there has been no claim of responsibility for the attack.
Explosion using pressure cooker has been used in Afghanistan, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Similarly, according to an intelligence report in July 2010 which created the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. One of the three devices used in the bombing attempt in Times Square, New York, in May 2010 is a pressure cooker, the report said.
Pakistani Taliban, which claimed responsibility for the attempted attack in Times Square in 2010, it has denied involvement in the attacks in the Boston Marathon.
Al Qaeda's Yemen branch gives a detailed description of how to make a bomb using a pressure cooker in the 2010 edition of Inspire. Inspire is an online publication for English speakers intended to be potential terrorists acting alone. In a chapter titled "Making Bomb in the Kitchen mother" mentioned "pressure cooker is the most effective method" for making bombs simple. There is also provided a guide to make it.
Naser Jason Abdo, a former U.S. soldier, was sentenced last year to life in prison after being convicted of planning to use a pair of bombs made from pressure cooker in an attack on a Texas restaurant frequented by soldiers from Fort Hood. He keeps the article published in Inspire.


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