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Dzhokhar hiding Revealed Thanks to Advanced Thermal Cameras

All these pictures are second arrest second suspect when the suspect where the last position taken by the thermal camera shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev while hiding in the ship.
Police cars are equipped special thermal camera for ships approaching the suspect hiding place.
A Picture of a thermal camera that the police managed to detect and locate the position of the suspect who was hiding under the vessel Dzhokhar through his body heat.
Photos from the thermal camera shows the moment police tossed a flash grenade to force the suspect out of the ship.
Suspect Dzhokhar time when his ship out of her hiding place with a bullet wound in the neck for trying to commit suicide with a gun he was carrying, but failed.
End of raids and arrest the suspect, Officer FBI Evidence Recovery Team inspect ships hideout Dzhokhar at 67 Franklin St. in Watertown, Massachusetts.



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