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Want to be a better figure | Without a basic outfit would better according Controversial Studies

100 models wearing the new bra Wonderbra Multiplunge who arrived at the National Gallery in central London. But according to a new French study, women get better without basic clothing.
Trudging to the fitting room, waiting to be measured, the more hot and bothered as you struggle to ten different styles to find one that fits properly ...

Shop bras often feels like more trouble than it was worth. And according to a French scientist, actually.
Jean-Denis Rouillon claimed that bra 'not needed', and really can make female characters more harm than good.Controversial study concluded that the bra can "prevent the supporting tissues of 'growing, and that the breast may be less likely to sag without one.

This means that people like the gardener Charlie Dimmock, who became famous for not wearing a bra on Ground Force, and actress Anne Hathaway, who often go without one at an awards ceremony, have the right approach.

Professor Rouillon, a sports scientist from the University of Franche-Comte in Besancon, eastern France, spent 15 years studying 130 women with different breast sizes.
All were told to not wear a bra for varying lengths of time, between several months and several years. During this time Professor Rouillon take routine bust measurement using calipers and slide rules.The women were asked if they suffered from back pain or feel restricted in their daily task when not wearing a bra.

He said: "The first results validate the hypothesis that the bra is not needed medical, physiological, anatomical breast no profit from the loss of gravity .."
Professor Rouillon said he believed 'bra can not keep the breasts in shape' and can prevent back pain.

He explained: "The decision to not wear a bra appeals to women in terms of comfort and aesthetics Contrary to popular belief, breasts do not fall, but firming and lifting, and improved skin quality .."
Professor Rouillon says 42 percent of women feel uncomfortable 'for the first three months of not wearing a bra, but then disappeared. No one was injured, however, they are not restricted to perform daily activities - including the sport.


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