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Justin Bieber might be Celine Dion’s cousin.

Here’s a duet we never hope happens: genealogists at have traced Justin Bieber’s roots back to 17th Century French immigrants Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Bire, who landed in Quebec and seemingly went on to form a very famous family tree which through its own six degrees of separation proves that Canada’s puking sensation is distantly related to Celine Dion.

And when we say distantly, we mean it.

He’s apparently Dion’s 10th cousin, three times removed. Crazier still, that’s not the only famous connection in Bieber’s family tree. Through that same French couple, he’s also related to Ryan Gosling (11th cousin, once removed) and Avril Lavigne (12th cousin, once removed).

Researchers at the site tell MTV that they started tracing the singer’s roots last year, and also found that yes, his last name does probably mean “Beaver,” tracing the name’s roots to its Middle High German roots and revealing that it’s thought to mean “hard worker,” which in spite of how easy he is to poke fun at is probably an undeniable trait in the young singer’s career.


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