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Novi Amalia, an adult magazine model photo, involvement in a traffic accident.

Jakarta .Novi Amalia, an adult magazine model photo, involvement in a traffic accident. Driven car, Honda Jazz B 1864 POP, bumping seven people in the Taman Sari, West Jakarta, Thursday (11/10/2012) afternoon. Lucky, no one was killed.

When police officers secured the scene, Novi only wearing underwear. Visible face drunk.
Head of the Regional Police Community Relations City Police Commissioner Rikwanto explain Novi drove from his apartment in Central Jakarta area, plans to go to Ancol.

Before leaving, he consumed alcohol and ecstasy. When they reached the area of ​​Harmony, he experienced hallucinations, as if told to undress and then discard the wallet and HP leaving just underwear.

The case is under police investigation. He was threatened with a penalty coated article about sixteen years in prison. Novi will be charged with the Act (the Act) and the Narcotics Traffic Act.
Before the occurrence of the accident involving the Novi Amalia, hot model photo apparently was upset. It was seen on his Twitter account. In social media, wrote yesterday Novi anxiety. Novi tweet several words which showed that she was stressed.

Novi turmoil has been seen since Wednesday (10/10) two days ago. Novi was visible upset. Novi following tweet from two days ago:



"I do not like"

"Did not want to know which direction"

"How do you secretly like this"

"Baseball the right way"


"Why try?"

"I do not understand it so its like this,

"Adohhhh how come so quietly,

"It's confused, shocked again, right"

Even before the accident, Novi also had himself photographed in his Honda Jazz. Clad in yellow T-shirts, Novi eyes appear red. Results jepretannya was also uploaded on Twitter.

In this case, the police themselves will conduct psychological tests against Novi. "We'll do the relevant psychological tests, as well as we make an official report. According to the initial problems associated with the life of her family in Jakarta," said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Rikwanto, at Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Friday (12 / 10).

Rikwanto explained, Novi state is still in the review. Police are still checking and physical health. Influence of alcohol also have started to decrease.

"The conditions were checked for both physical and psychological health. Whenever possible, it would be convinced he is healthy, then we are doing further investigation. Already began to decrease (effect of liquor.) We have also loaned clothing from members of Policewomen in order to dress appropriately, as actors throw his clothes, wallet and his cell phone on the street, "said Rikwanto.

Currently Novi Police secured in Taman Sari due to hit seven people while driving his car. He had escaped and was eventually arrested at a red light Ketapang, Taman Sari, West Jakarta.


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