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Arab Sheikh underestimate Scotland Yard

Arab Sheikh underestimate Scotland Yard

London - Son of billionaire sheikh from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) underestimated the British security forces, Scotland Yard. "Arab Money speaks," he said. What happened?

Ferrari FF sempatdipajang orange black strip in front of the British Police Headquarters (HQ Met). On the windshield was affixed tulisanuninsured vehicle Seized by police. Scotland Yard intention is to educate the public, that any expensive car, if without insurance, remain illegal and should be subject to legal action.

However, the existence of flashy Ferrari it was not long. Prior to his business completed, the police had to restore the car to its owner, who turned out bin Humaid Al Nuaimi adalahRashid, son of Emir Ajman.

Related to this, the young man who in Ajman known as RRR, which stands for Rich in Real estate Resources is also menggemborkannya on your Facebook page. "My Ferrrari seized in London, but they soon returned, after knowing who I am."

In the comments for that post, Rashid explained. "I took him to London and did not pay for insurance. British police later confiscated, but I tell them who I am. "
Then he wrote "Arab money talks" followed by a smiley face emoticon.

Cars for 200 thousand pounds, or about Rp3, 1 billion it is recognized to be a spokesman for the British Police in their offices. However, they admitted that the car was actually not come as easy as it says Rashid.

"Ferrari has taken the owner. We can not talk personal. But to pick it up, the owner must pay fines, cost recovery, storage and filling documents within the law, "said the spokesman.

The car was seized in South Kensington, part of a campaign against drivers without insurance. The program was initiated by Commissioner Hogan-Howe Bernadr of the British Police. If the owner does not take care of it, the car will be auctioned or destroyed.


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