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Novie Amelia Nearly Nude, Could Upload Photos on Twitter

Novie Amelia Nearly Nude, Could Upload Photos on Twitter
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Novie Amelia the driver could upload half naked picture on Twitter
Novie Amelia woman driving the car took the half-naked post pictures shortly before the accident that injured seven people in the Castle area of ​​South Jakarta. 25tahun old woman, was in the red car wearing a yellow t-shirt and take a picture behind the wheel.

Novie were clearly visible red eye, either because it is in a state of deep sadness to shed a tear or being under the influence of narcotics. The photos were posted on her account on the social network Twitter. Currently he has secured in police Taman Sari.

As previously reported, on Thursday (11/10) at 17:30 pm at Traffic Light ketapang, Castle, West Jakarta, Novi who drove a red Honda Jazz hit seven people, including the police.
Model Novie Amelia, who hit a police officer with his car and some residents, transferred to Kramat Jati Police Hospital in East Jakarta, East Jakarta. The plan, Novie will undergo a number of psychological tests.

The test aims to find out the exact cause of the accident. Police suspect Novie depressed and disturbed mental state possible. The family and team of attorneys Novie seen accompanying her to the Police Hospital. One attorney, Cris Sam Siwu, confirmed his client undergo a psychiatric disorder since the age of five years old when his parents left.

Along with news Novi Amilia, bikini-clad girls who hit seven in Taman Sari, West Jakarta, adult magazine model name is the talk on social networking sites like Twitter and Kaskus. On site kaskus networking site's users share pictures Novi Amilia (there is also a write Novi Amelia). Most of the photos that are uploaded kaskuser pictures "hot" for adult consumption.

Based on the information that is included in the photo, most of the photos taken are photographs that had previously been included in the adult men's magazine. Most, Novi wearing a bikini that accentuated the body.

There were pictures of Novi dressed nurse, but open at the chest. Not only in kaskus ¸ on social networks such as Twitter, your @ fajril_official blasphemous as that of Novi. Yusman S via Twitter account was also surprised by the actions Novi bikinis only when driving a car until it crashed into seven people.

Allegations of Novi is a magazine model has actually been stuck since last night. In the left leg there was a white woman tattoo pictures are a little faded, so it is not clear what the picture was. Tattoos on his left foot also owned the famous exciting models with the name Novie Amelia. Novie Amelia was known to have posed for the magazine Popular and ME. In the magazine Popular, easy to find a photo of a model by the name of Novie Amelia. From some of the photos, Novie has a tattoo on his left foot near the ankle.

Police did not say whether Novi Amilia a hit at Taman Sari Novie Amelia is a model posing in the magazine's exciting. On Thursday (11/10) at around 17:00 pm, Novi who drove a red Honda Jazz hit sellers dumplings, coffee vending cycling, three road users and two traffic police officers in Jalan Ketapang, Taman Sari, Central Jakarta. While driving, this beautiful woman wearing only a bikini.

This accident is not the first time experienced Novi. Earlier, in the area of ​​Taman Sari, she never drove the Honda CRV with zig zag manner so that the user hit the road. Allegedly, he was depressed due to family problems. From the examination of urine, known Novi was taking ecstasy. From his confession to the police, before spurring his car from his apartment in Central Jakarta heading to Ancol, Novie also had drank liquor. This woman is delusional got orders to undress, so he was driving in a state of almost naked.

While Novi address when traced, turned out to be a fake address. Novi mention living in Penjaringan, North Jakarta. However, when the address is visited, no one addresses the people around who knew Novi. The plan of seven people hit by Novi will be questioned.


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