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A History of Naked, Pregnant Celebs on Magazine Covers

A History of Naked, Pregnant Celebs on Magazine Covers

Earlier today, the Internet was all a-flutter with the newly released nudie pics of an extremely pregnant (it’s been what, ten months now?)
Jessica Simpson on the cover of Elle.
The April 2012 spread was photographed by Carter Smith and styled by Joe Zee, but they clearly got some inspiration, elsewhere.
Since Annie Leibovitz shot a naked and pregnant Demi Moore for Vanity Fair twenty-one years ago, it seems like pregnant celebs everywhere have been clamoring to strip down for the newsstands.
At this point, it’s practically a right of passage for expectant stars, as well as an informal announcement that “exclusive first baby pictures!” will be shopped around in the near future.
Is pregnancy a valid excuse for famous women (most of whom would scoff at an offer from Playboy in normal circumstances) to take it all off?
Take a look at our investigation of the fascinating (and at times, extremely uncomfortable) history of the naked, pregnant magazine cover.
Do you think it’s a celebration or just exploitation? And does a pregnant naked person really make you want to buy a magazine? We want to hear what you think.


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