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Being Nude coveted role of Selena Gomez for a career boost

Disney princess goodbye! Selena Gomez is now transformed into a 20-year-old Hollywood actress is not awkward flaunt her sexiness. Even exclusively to that he dared to act nude for serious roles.

Selena has now grown to become a serious actress and has separated himself from his past with Disney. He did not mind appearing topless for the role so require, "said a source.

Since the series ended WIZARD OF WAVERLY PLACE, Selena bold look sexy in movies and video clips starring. Last March, Selena look sexy in SPRING BREAKERS, scandalous story of 4 students who go sightseeing and get involved with the use of drugs, sex and murder.

While the new video, COME & GET IT also gives a sexy and seductive appearance than previous clips. In a live performance, Selena proved brave showing sexy body in a sensual choreography as well. Selena obviously has left the teen star image he once ha


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