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Celebrity Gossip | Kate Upton: I'm not fat and Piggie

2012 was a successful year for Kate Upton 20-year-old model, he has been a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl, got the cover of GQ, and he participated in many modeling projects. But the girl with the controversial figure also get a lot of criticism! The latest comes from Skinny Gossip sites are labeled Upton piggie, greasy, slippery brick, marble and good pregnant! Site anonymous author says:

Guess who?! Yes, it's Kate Upton beautiful, confident lumbering up the runway as there is a buffet at the end of it. She looks thick, vulgar, almost pornographic - and he was a solid 30 pounds too heavy for this dress. "Kate Upton hits back at 'fat' comments.The author continues to inflame Kate:

Big thighs, waist NO, big fat floppy boobs, body definition was awful - she looks like a brick slippery. Is this what American women were "fighting" for the time being? The, lazy look greasy? Do we really get so much fat in this country that Kate is the best we have for these rtujuan? Sorry, but: That is the reality "

Hm ... I agree with most skinny girl - author. But I was disappointed by his performance was mostly junk and cheap, OMG, in every single pic! In addition, the personality and actions were rude and that makes even the most beautiful women ugly. I'm going to sound like Anna Wintour about Kimmy Cakes - Kate does look a little down market.Furthermore, commenting on the sexy Kate burger commercial, the authors say:

I think cannibalism was illegal?!? If that is not a species that is very different from the cow, she could be in legal trouble! 'And this is her response:

 I'm not going to starve just to be skinny. I want to enjoy life and I can not if I do not eat and miserable. 'A spokesman for the model said:
 This makes no sense. Kate is gorgeous and very healthy. 'What do you think? Kate Upton is really fat? Or whether he was a teenager happy with her body - and that's cool?


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