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A Widower Part Baya pathetic Allegedly Killed in Hand PSK

Natalia Woolley prostitute murder suspect a widower.

The suspect allegedly kicked the father of two children after refusing to have sex.
A widower was beaten to death by a CSW (commercial sex workers) Russia he hired to accompany him.

Its pathetic, poor fellow's body is known to be named Winston Ferandez was lying dead in his room for a month. It certainly invites the suspicion of neighbors who then contacted police.

Ribs 69-year-old man was crushed in 17 points. He also suffered a broken bone in his neck.

The murder suspect is Natalia Woolley, who used the name Lenka PSK, 26-year-old (sesunggungnya age 38 years).

He allegedly kicked the father of two children after refusing to have sex while drunk as requested.

Prosecutor William Saunders said, if the victim is a lonely man.

"He (Fernandez) is a lonely old man and alcohol addiction. He also started using the services of a call girl from a pimp," he said as quoted by the website of The Sun.

"He's looking to find a female pimp and sex. Supplied one woman is Natalia Wooley," he added.

Fernandez repeatedly use the services of a call girl provider on the internet to vent their biological desires. He even describes himself on the site as the gracious, friendly and vibrant.

Fernandez was also, according to witnesses, was known as a man who has obsessive compulsive disorder became known grainy with others. Meanwhile Wooley denied murder. The trial will continue in court Guildfort Crown.


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