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Indonesian artist photos Hengky Kurniawan and angel V

Still a fun game celebrity gossip media lately due to the proximity of Indonesia Hengki K and dangdut singer Angel V itself has led to the proximity of their relationship.

  After officially divorced by Cristy Jusung, Hengky kurniawan latter more often to the news media infotainment proximity conjunction with a series of women, even mentioned the owner of a production house has also been reportedly close to a third person called the trigger of his family rift with Cristie.

Denies relationship with Rita chose Hengki now close to having a sexy dangdut singer stage name Angel V.
And the last of the investigation was limited to the intimacy they lead the professional work relationship, the former lover kiki amelia has also been an artist in the video clip dangdut singer.
Angel who confirmed giving a statement.

Hengki also added that he is now just focus and get back to his world again (Entertainment), declining to spit his private life any further, even though the artist was born in Blitar, East Java has been claimed to be ready to risk the gossip that later would hit her.


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