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4 State of the U.S. will Decide about same-sex marriage

Senator Rich Madaleno and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley speaks to offer support for same-sex marriage in a joint press conference in Annapolis,

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Same-sex marriage is not recognized in most American states or by the federal government, but four states would have the opportunity to consider this issue in November.
Senator Rich Madaleno (right) and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley speaks to offer support for same-sex marriage in a joint press conference in Annapolis, Maryland (photo: dock)
DeRionne Pollard and Robyn Jones raising their son who was six years old, Myles, like other families in a loving home environment. They have been a couple for 23 years and married in California three years ago, before the state decided to ban same-sex marriage.
Now they live in Maryland, and hope voters in November will approve legislation that provides civil marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. Robyn wants DeRionne and legal rights as other married couples.
Four states, namely Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington, have the same issue with respect to same-sex marriage in the ballot in November.
In Maryland, a state with a strong religious population, each party has determined attitude. Bishop Harry Jackso, of Hope Christian Church, said: "We believe in truth and justice movement will rise in America and decided that the institution of marriage must be protected."
Some of the strongest opposition against same-sex marriage in Maryland comes from the African-American pastor and family advocacy groups. Pemimipin Derek McCoy is one of the groups that opposed the rule. He said, "It is simply a matter of redefining the institution of marriage is between a woman and a man. Besides, it is about freedom of religion and of our ability to speak in public, and we've seen it blocked in the country Another especially in Canada. "
Meanwhile DeRionne Pollard said he was disturbed by the level of resistance to same-sex marriage by some local African-American pastors. "I think it is not important who we choose to worship, God or Allah, in the end the question is who we choose to love, to invite us to build a family," said Pollard.
Marriage equality in Maryland law entitles the minister to refuse to marry gay couples / lesbian based on their religious beliefs.
Rich Madaleno is one of eight legislators who openly confessed gay and approve referendum to legislate same-sex marriage. He said, "We want to ensure that every family has the opportunity to receive equal treatment under the law."
Opponents of the law same-sex marriage in Maryland stating that the issue has been filed in other states and failed to gain approval. But the activists' rights of gays and lesbians remain optimistic, saying that the behavior change and support for the legalization of same-sex marriage increased. Maryland could be one of the states in America's first legalized civil marriage for gays and lesbians through a majority vote.


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