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Alert, Stress Trigger Heart Attack

ONLY a few people who delay seeking physical pain medications, but it is difficult to accept a lot of people who have mental health problems. It is unfortunate because depression anxiety and irrational fears are common, well known, and can be handled well.

It dibenarkah by dr. Cecilia J. Setiawan, SpKJ, Kes, a psychiatrist at the Hospital Awal Bros Tangerang. According to him, the problem of mental health still has a bad stigma in the eyes of the public.

"They are sometimes afraid to see a psychiatrist for fear of being mistaken for severe mental illness and viewed negatively by those around him. They may also assume that he just plain stress and can handle himself, but stress has been disturbing their daily activities. Alternatively, there are also several types of mental disorders whose symptoms are way patients away from the fact that negative, so it does not feel that he was mentally ill, "said dr. Cecil encountered Okezone exclusively.

Although many people still think of stress as being entirely negative, in fact stress can be positive or negative. It said dr. Cecil, stress is divided into normal and abnormal. Normal stress would be advantageous because it can motivate a person to overcome the things that makes it stressful.

"While the cause of abnormal stress in a person's daily functioning. There are things that generally cause stress on anyone, such as job loss, severe illness, bereaved parents, and so on. There are also some things that most people do not cause stress, but it can cause stress in people who are sensitive or vulnerable, "he explained.

Physically, stress can cause a disruption in the regulation of the hormonal system, immunity or immunity, and some types of certain substances in the body.

"The result is a physical illness due to hormonal changes, decreased immunity, and release of substances harmful physical health," he said.

That is why stress can make us prone to physical illness, physical causes of disease recurrence, and complicate the healing of physical disease. For example, someone who is easily stressed makes it a worrier accompanied by physical symptoms of heart palpitations.

"If not fixed, she will often feel anxious and too often result in heart palpitations. It can make him susceptible to heart disease or high blood pressure, "added dr. Cecil.


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