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You Late Ejaculation? It causes

Delayed ejaculation or delayed ejaculation is rarely known. A man may be entirely unable to ejaculate, or may not occur for 30 to 45 minutes of intense sexual effort.

There are several causes that may lead to delay ejaculation. For example, the presence of marital discord, frustration, lack of appeal for a spouse, sexually traumatic events, or side effects of certain medications, so that dilansirLivestrong.

Certain drugs can also affect ejaculation and makes it harder to let go. Antidepressants can slow ejaculation. Besides that masturbation should be avoided, as it causes delay ejaculation with a partner.

The most common reason for delay ejaculation is psychological. If the problem occurs in the marriage. If this happens, you can go to a psychologist or marriage consultants to consult and help improve sexual problems.

If a drug that causes a delay in ejaculation, your doctor may adjust the dose or offer an alternative. Examination may reveal neurological problems that may affect ejaculation.


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