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The Cheeky Girls show off their boob jobs to celebrate 10 years in the industry.

The Cheeky Girls show off their boob jobs to celebrate 10 years in the industry.

Well it’s no Mila Kunis.

But the Cheeky Girls have graced a magazine cover with barely any clothes on.

We’re used to seeing them with their bottoms on display but they’re parading their chests also to celebrate 10 years since breaking onto our telly boxes .

The Romanian twins, who both had boob jobs to a size 32C a few years ago, have been photographed for a topless photo shoot.

Gabriela commented: “We’ve always wanted to do something sexy and for people to see us like this, but it’s never happened. Our image over the last 10 years has been very family-orientated, but look – we can be sexy, too!”

Hold up. Family orientated?

Monica also told ZOO she dated rugby player Danny Cipriani, Kelly Brook’s ex.

She revealed:” A few years ago, I went on some dates with Danny. Nothing actually happened – we just went out a few times. Then I picked up the paper one day and there was a picture of someone they said was a transsexual, who said that Danny had cheated on me with them. The funny thing was, Danny had been a very naughty guy. He was sending pictures to my phone of his bare torso – not all his bits. I guess he thought that would get me excited.

“The best bit is that the same picture was in the paper. He had been sending the same pictures to this other person! Very naughty guy!”
We believe cheeky cheeky would be the correct term.

The full interview and amazing pictures of the Cheeky Girls topless appears in this week’s ZOO, on sale now.


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