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Smarter than Einstein, Boy 12 Years Have IQ 162

Albert Einstein and the physicist Stephen Hawking is known as the smartest man wide. This time, there is a 12-year-old female student from Liverpool, England, who beat them. Olivia Manning has an IQ of 162, two points higher than both of them.

Because of his intelligence that surpass the average human IQ is 100, Olivia accepted as a member of Mensa. Olivia was ranked first in international institution that brings together the world's smart people. He also managed to shift Lauren Gannon with a 151 IQ who is also from the same town.

Olivia claimed since long been aware of his talent to absorb and remember new information. He did not need a script at the stage and was able to memorize the works of William Shakespeare's Macbeth dialogue less than 24 hours. But Olivia still surprised to find out the results of his IQ test that makes it even more popular in North Liverpool Academy school in Everton.

"Many have approached me to ask for help about school or while doing homework," said Olivia. "No problem for me, I like a challenge and made ​​my brain is always working.


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