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Michael Schumacher retired from F1 race at End of Season

Reliable racer, Michael Schumacher, has announced he will retire from the world of Formula 1 (F1) at the end of this season. Next year, its position in the Mercedes will be replaced by a world champion seven times in a row from McLaren's Lewis Hamilton.

43-year-old rider joined Ferrari in 1996. After the break after the race in China in 2006, he returned to the circuit with Mercedes in 2010. Michael gets the green light to move to Sauber for 2013, but he decided to end F1 career that has been built since 1991.

"While I was still able to compete with the best setiran, in some ways I have to say goodbye," Michael said as reported by the BBC. "Over the last month, I'm not sure if they have the motivation and energy needed to continue racing.'s Not my style to do something that makes my focus was not 100 percent."

"With this decision, I felt freed from doubt," he continued. "Ultimately, my ambition to pursue glory and pleasure of driving competitive resolved."

Speculation Michael will retire at the end of this season has been circulating since last September. At that F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone said he would stop in the world of sports.


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