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Rihanna-Chris Brown Sex In Toilet

Rihanna-Chris Brown Sex In Toilet

Not official feedback, Rihanna and Chris Brown had had enough sex. Recently both spotted partying, kissing and dancing in night clubs in the New York Griffin. Witnesses said Brown initially went to her ex-boyfriend, who was sitting at the next table. Then With You 'singer was standing on the table Rihanna and danced for him. After that, they embrace each other and kiss. In order to get the privacy they finally went to the back of the club.

The report further stated, they got locked in the bathroom together for 30 minutes, while there are two guards guarding the door. I was not in the bathroom, but I know very well that they must have sex in it, said friend Rihanna told Hollywood Life.

They are in a club, partying, have some booze, and one more thing, look at that Chris really wants Rihanna, as well as Rihanna wants Chris, the source added.

The 23-year-old rapper was never secret of its proximity to the singer's Diamonds. Brown and Rihanna had even lip kissing in public at the MTV Video Music Awards last September.

The problem, in which the lover Brown, Kerreuche Tran, that night? Witnesses said Brown had not seen Tran intimate moment with Rihanna. But, as reported by Hollywood Life, a night club incident was already known Tran.

Through his twitter account, Tran can no longer accept behavior that Brown still can not escape from Rihanna. A twitter user Tran advised that Brown took off for his own good, and answered Tran, Oh baby I am.


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