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Psy "Gangnam Style" Concert: True Entertainer

Psy "Gangnam Style" Concert: True Entertainer
Here are a few photos around the concert

Thursday I decided to take a close look Psy concert at Seoul Plaza, right in front of Seoul City Hall.
The time was a little late actually.
Already in the afternoon enthusiastically people have met the concert area with mats and newspapers.
Though the concert started at 10 pm. But with anxious, I am desperate to go.

Density in front of the ticket gate of City Hall Stn.
Sure enough, upon arrival at City Hall Subway stn, the place was packed with people.
To exit the ticket gate just had a long queue. On the ladder out people are not moving, but the distance was about 250 meters to get out to the exit number 6. Seeing these conditions, we also immediately turned back to the station, leading to Uljiro-Ilga stn, one station after City Hall. A bit far, but it is still possible to see the show Psy. Yeah, right. At the station is a bit empty, but need to walk 700 meters to the location of the concert.

Sea of ​​people already meets this location. From a distance came Psy lawasnya singing some songs slow tempo. Enthusiastic audience join in singing the lyrics of each song. While continuing through the density of the audience, kept trying to find a good spot to record and take pictures of this concert, in my heart hope theme song "Gangnam Style" has not sung by Psy. A few minutes later the mass audience screamed hysterically when rhythmic intro Gangnam Style Techno song starts. and record this song, but the result is not good. The camera shaking because dikepadatan these people on either side of prancing style Gangnam Style.

The concert ended at 11:45 at night after Psy Style Gangnam kept his promise to dance with bare chest, showing montoknya bodies in front of 80,000 people. What an incredible show.

From the screen stage the audience are encouraged to take alternative nearest subway, on Subway Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4 and Line 5. Tonight the city of Seoul to a continuation of the train schedule until one night and a public bus up to 2 nights. Usually 11:30 to 12:00 pm nightly subway is over.

Psy (Park Jae-sang) rocked Seoul Gangnam Style
I decided to go to Subway stn. Jongno-samga, 3 stations of City Hall so I could sit down to the house. Despite the distance, but could also see great evening atmosphere in downtown Seoul that never sleeps, especially with the spectacular show tonight, the atmosphere at 12.30 looks like a new night at 7 only.

The journey takes 35 minutes of peace, at least for me who gets the seat. Because some passengers entering the station then really have exceeded carrying capacity of the wagon-train. Here-there were people screaming outside begging that do not have to log in again. People laugh, nothing tense or angry, all excited. Everything has just entertained by a Psy. No wonder he is known throughout the world. He is a true entertainer. I think that not only gives a true Entertainer impact when he on stage, but when the stage lights went out, the field cleared, people keep coming back with open heart as I saw in the carriage. Salut, Psy!!!!

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