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Paris Hilton Arrested After Lover Kiss Women

Lover Paris Hilton, River Viiperi, was arrested by police in Las Vegas. The Spanish model was arrested for hitting the face of a guest at the nightclub XS at Encore, Nevada, United States, Monday (1/10) morning.

The arrest came when Paris and the River was busy partying. But the joy was turned into a commotion at Paris on the dance floor touted kissing a blonde woman.

Then a man came in the attractive blond woman. River became jealous emotions and punched the man's face. Because not like to get rough treatment, he was reported to the police River.

Meanwhile, Paris insisted admitted he did not kiss another woman. According to the heir to the Hilton hotel chain, the River doing it just to protect it from some people who want to harass.

"Paris confessed to never making out with another woman in a nightclub Las Vegas," said a source at Radar Online. "He was very upset because River should be retained. This is the first time River trip to Las Vegas."

River has now been released by police. Before this incident occurred, both enjoy a nice romantic getaway in Hawaii.


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