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Indonesian artist Julia Perez Wants More Popular than Agnes Monica on Twitter

Jupe hope her follower which now has more than 1 million could be on the increase as Agnes who has 6 million followers.

The artist was able to capture fans Indonesia and held a promo via microblogging site Twitter. Julia Perez too. Instead, Jupe ambition to be more popular on Twitter than Agnes Monica.

So far, Twitter account, @ juliaperrez, has 1,107,499 followers. Despite quite a lot, Jupe still eyeing additional followers.

"I'm lucky I'm almost a million followers," said Jupe at Planet Hollywood, South Jakarta, Monday (1/10). "But could not Agnes Monica like deh nandingin to six million.'s Just keep the business."

One strategy attracts followers, Jupe admitted holding quiz. "I make a quiz about my new movie., And reward, I give smartphone for followers to win," said ex-boyfriend Gaston Castano it.

Jupe previously claimed was amazed at Agnes. He even had time to promote competition "Dance Like Me" via his Twitter. The singer "Siti Nurbaya" was also amazed by the style of Agnes sexy dance while jamming.


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