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Wear Coral Dress, Kim Kardashian Forgot Wear Bra!

Wear Coral Dress, Kim Kardashian Forgot Wear Bra!

Kim Kardashian with a coral dress (Photo: Daily Mail)
Not Kim Kardashian if it does not make sense. Glad to spit sexiness body, lover Kanye West was performing without a bra while wearing coral red dress seductive.

Kim immortalize paparazzi cameras caught while in Miami. At that time, she was wearing a coral dress paired strappy gold sandals.

31-year-old woman is likely to forget to wear a bra while wearing the dress. Maybe that's why he did not have any trouble passing the examination body when going into Miami airport. Similarly, as quoted from Dailymail, Sunday (10/07/2012).

Despite not wearing a bra, the former wife of Kris Humphries looked relaxed. He still walks like when on the catwalk with her ​​sexy, and throws a sweet smile.

In the meantime, he claimed weight gain since a relationship with Kanye West. And now he's struggling to returns the weight.


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