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Topless Photo Scandal, Kate Middleton Apologizes to William

LONDON - Kate Middleton reportedly begged apology from Prince William because of her topless photos circulated widely. He felt he had embarrassed the royal family.

"Kate is very shy. Since she met William, she was always careful not to get embarrassing. When they went with friends William, Kate will talk to everyone about what not to do when taking a photo," said the source.

Prospective British Queen was devastated when he thought he had disrupt William and the entire royal family. She did not even stop to apologize from personal photographs are widespread in cyberspace, early last month.

Moreover, a number of magazines from around the world often publish pictures herself. Magazine Denmark even intend issuing new photo Kate is more sexy.

However, she can breathe a little easier. Because the magazine has published Denmark denied recent pictures of the new Kate, on September 29 last year.

A gossip magazine Se Og Hor reportedly scored her a special picture with William on holiday in France as much as 16 pages. Three of them are photos when she wore a bikini. Similarly, as reported by Femalefirst, Monday (01/10/2012).


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