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Spying Girls Without Clothes Make Sleep Fertile

Sleep without clothes is still considered taboo. Unlike Western cultures, people with eastern culture is still rarely done this habit. However, research has shown, sleeping naked can improve the quality of life for all people and ages. Do not believe?

Relieve pain
Bed without clothes have a very good effect to relieve tension in the nervous system of the abdominal viscera. This method also improves blood circulation, relieves chronic diarrhea, back pain, and constipation. If you are insomnia, sleep naked also helps provide a calming effect.

Improve male fertility
Clothing used during sleep can increase the heat, thus reducing the amount sperm. In turn affect male fertility.

Improving the performance of sebaceous glands
Skin that is not covered clothes can absorb more nutrients. This helps to enhance and promote the body's metabolic rate. Bed without clothes also strengthen the performance of the sebaceous glands and sweat gland secretion, which is good for the regeneration of sebum (oil produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin).

Keeping female sex organs
Female sex organs are usually moist, so it made ​​it uncomfortable and lead to fungal infections around Miss V. If sleep telanja, it is enough to help women to sex organs remain dry and air circulation remains smooth.

Helping more intimate
Bed without clothes also help you change and improve liver suansana sexual feelings. This method also indicates the message is important that you feel comfortable and safe with him, and be open to him.


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