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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Officially Married, Scarlett Johansson Hurt

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Officially Married, Scarlett Johansson Hurt

Wedding Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively was greeted happily by many. But there was one person who was not happy to see their wedding.

The figure is none other than Ryan's ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson. Starring Black Widow in the movie 'The Avengers' was reportedly hurt and angry when I discovered her ex-husband's wedding.

A source close to Scarlett said instantaneous anger arises because Blake is considered to be a thorn from her marriage to Ryan. Although to date there is no evidence to justify the accusations Scarlett.

"Although there is no proof, but she was sure that Ryan had an affair with Blake," a source told Showbizspy, Sunday (06/10/2012).

Seeing Ryan and Blake likened marriage to Scarlett scraping old wounds again. The source also said that the woman who was reportedly close to Bradley Cooper was unable to see the news about her ex-husband's wedding.

"Ryan and Blake Wedding has brought back a lot of pain for Scarlett. Firmly believe he accidentally took Ryan Blake," he said.

Ryan and Scarlett were officially divorced in July 2011 of the week, Blake was touted as 'the cause' divorce. Allegations arose because of the involvement of Ryan and Blake in the movie 'Green Lantern' in 2011 and then, both rumored romance.

While Ryan and Blake himself had officially married last September. Their marriage was held at Boone Hall Plantation, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, United States.


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