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Prostitutes reported in official circles, Zhang Ziyi Demands A Media

Prostitutes reported in official circles, Zhang Ziyi Demands A Media

Zhang Ziyi.
"But the news does not have the right foundation."

Artist Zhang Ziyi sued online media in the United States who claimed he was a prostitute who had sex with an officer named Bo Xilai and other officials. This attorney disclosed Wednesday.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon star was forced to
take legal action on charges of defamation by the media well Boxum News based in North Carolina for Chinese news in English.

"Essentially, all that is slanderous news published by Boxun News about Zang Ziyi," said Adam LeBerthon, Zhang Ziyi's attorney said.

"Boxun News repeatedly published that Zhang Ziyi is a prostitute. Here's what we demand. Clients we also do not know him (Bo) and have never met him let alone have any relationship," said lawyer Zang Ziyi.

The story began when Boxun News claimed Zhang received more than U.S. $ 100 million to have sex with

Chinese officials. The news was published in May and June, and finally reported by the media worldwide.

"But the news does not have a correct and valid basis to publish news. Zhang They never contacted for confirmation before publishing such news. They also do not look for the facts to the news," said lawyer Zhang.

Lawsuit for media in America made after June Zhang and he also sued Hong Kong's leading newspaper Apple Daily and Next Magazine's weekly magazine on the news Zhang prostituting himself with senior officials in China.

An article in the Apple Daily on 29 May, with a straightforward preaching Zhang is a "whore" and having sex with Bo and his colleagues are rich as Xu Ming and get a lot of money.
Actually the Zhang had asked for confirmation to Boxun News but to no avail. The phone number listed at the address of the website nevertheless not connected.
The court decided to hear the case in Los Angeles on October 16 and 16 November. But there is always time to change and yet to be determined. According to his lawyer, Zhang Ziyi will not attend the pre-trial.

Bo was later fired from his position as an officer in the city of Chongqing in March and subsequently suspended for disciplinary violations and corruption.

Chinese authorities mengaungkapkan, next month, Bo aan facing trial for criminal abuse of power, accepting bribes and sexual intercourse with someone other than his wife.

Meanwhile, his wife's death, Gu Kailai suspended. Kailai sentenced to death for murder he did last August. He was found guilty convicted of killing a British businessman Neil Heywood, and he also admitted the allegations.

Coverage has also been added to the list scandal that shook the Communist Party, to explain the transition of power. Though congress will take place November 8.


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